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Community Housing Partners (Southeast USA)

Community Housing Partners (CHP) empowers low-income people to live in well-kept, energy-efficient, affordable surroundings.

CHP is a social enterprise community development corporation serving the southeastern United States. Its three divisions – real estate development, housing services and energy solutions – incorporate economic, environmental and social sustainability in everything they do.

The organization's return-on-investment is high; for example, with its 70 million dollar operating budget in 2012, it served more than 15,000 residents. They also designed, built or managed about 6,000 affordable, “green” properties so that low-income and low-wealth people can rent or own a safe, high quality home. They trained almost 3,000 people for green jobs while creating 300 new construction jobs.

CHP also provides education and training in weatherization, energy efficiency, financial stability, and green building. Externally, we contract to do energy audits, home energy improvements, architecture, general contracting, and emergency home repairs.