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Greenroads Rating System

The Greenroads Rating System is a third-party, points-based system to certify sustainable roadway and transportation infrastructure projects. The system provides metrics to measure the effect of design and construction practices which can be implemented on a project to earn points toward one of four certification awards.

Greenroads is a sustainability rating system for roadway design and construction. It is applicable to all roadway projects including new, reconstruction and rehabilitation (even overlays), bridges, you name it. If there is a project where a road is involved, you can use it. Greenroads is a collection of sustainability best practices, called "credits," that relate to roadway design and construction. Achieving these credits can earn points toward a total score for the project, and in general, this Greenroads™ score can be used as an indicator of sustainability for the roadway.

Four different certification levels (rating) are available depending upon total score on a voluntary basis. In 4 years of development, Greenroads has been tested on more than 120 design and construction projects, of various types, shapes, sizes and stages of design and construction. Certification is now available through the Greenroads Foundation (a non-profit organization) for a nominal fee. A few key things that Greenroads provides: A holistic way of considering roadway sustainability A defined and quantitative means to assess roadway sustainability A tool for decision-makers, agencies, consultants and contractors that enables informed design and construction decisions regarding sustainability.