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SunCommon (Vermont USA)

SunCommon’s mission is to dramatically increase the amount of solar power in Vermont — by making it easy for folks and bringing the cost way down with a no-money-down solar loan.

We make going solar easy and affordable so that all Vermonters can together create our healthier environment and safer world. This innovative approach is the outgrowth of a successful pilot program that was operated within the Vermont Public Interest Research Group or VPIRG, our state’s largest consumer and environmental advocacy organization whose members support policies to increase renewable energy production.

SunCommon is a pioneering Benefit Corporation, Vermont’s ninth such business with a legal charter that directs us to attend to the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

After you fill out a little form to share some basic information with us about you, your home and your utility – we’ll look at an aerial photograph of your home to assess its solar potential and let you know right away if solar can’t work. For those who can go solar, one of our Designers will design your solar system. Then you’ll be assigned to one of our Solar Advisors who will visit your home and personally guide you through the whole process, answering all of your questions. If it makes sense to you, one of our Solar Guides will coordinate the financing, permitting, installation – and celebration as you watch your meter run backwards.