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Bercovitz Design Architects (USA)

Bercovitz Design has been one of the top architectural firms in Telluride, Colorado, since the 1990s, having completed more than two hundred projects in the Town of Telluride, Mountain Village, and in San Miguel County as well as other parts of the country (including Durango CO, Southampton NY, Greenwich CT, and Santa Cruz, CA). The firm is dedicated to providing inspirational designs, utilizing the many years of Ron's experience, along with quality trained, experienced professionals, cutting edge technology and 3D modeling software to enable easy visualization during the design process. Sustainable and energy-efficient design has always been a priority for the firm. Bercovitz is also known for pioneering the “Mountain Cottage” and “Parkitecture” styles, as well as the locally-famed “Mining” style within the Telluride Region, along with having introduced "log accent" construction, whereby the home can use the structural aspects of logs done as post and beam elements rather than stacked log wall construction. Dozens of traditional homes and historic renovations within the victorian/mining historic district have been designed by the firm, and Ron has vast experience with local approval processes. Bercovitz Design has been named as one of the "Top 100 Mountain Architects" by Mountain Living magazine for several years, and Ron has several awards and achievements for projects completed.