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Aeolis (Netherlands)

Weather forecasting for renewable energy

Aeolis Forecasting Services is a weather service provider aiming at the support of weather related commerce and industry, the energy sector in particular.

Wind Power Forecasting
Over the last few years wind power has developed into the most important renewable energy resource and is expected to be one of the main energy resources in the future. To mix wind power with other energy resources an accurate wind power forecasting is of the essence. Aeolis aimed at wind power forecasting since the beginning of this millennium and supports a large number of energy companies in their operations. For additional information visit www.windknowhow.com/.

Solar Power
Nearly all energy recources originate from the sun. Every 15 minutes the earth receives as much solar energy as the world requires for an entire year. 

Meteorological Data and Forecasting
Aeolis Forecasting Services is an independent weather service provider, ready to supply you with meteorological data and forecasts for virtually any location on earth.