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Portfolio Sustainability Program (California, USA)

A whole building approach tosu sustainable building management

A comprehensive, structured and adaptable approach for creating or improving a sustainability program for a portfolio of buildings, whether for the owner or operator. Implementing a portfolio-wide sustainability program can be a complex process, particularly within organizations requiring multi-level decision-making and multi-step protocols. This Portfolio Sustainability Program helps align sustainability goals, financial goals and tenant satisfaction goals to strike a comprehensive balance across all properties.

The process:

Sustainability programs can make the greatest impact and save the most money by taking a whole-building approach, which includes:

  • Reducing the amount of energy used across the whole building, including tenant energy use
  • Using more energy-efficient technologies
  • Providing controls to optimize the use of the equipment

From a broader sustainability standpoint, the whole-building approach means bundling the implementation of lower financial return measures and initiatives with those that result in a higher return to ensure both the building and full portfolio continually meet financial requirements.