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TopoQuest (USA and Canada)

US and Canada topographic map viewing

TopoQuest is the ultimate resource for USGS topographic map viewing, and free downloads of USGS DRG (GeoTIFF) digital map files. TopoQuest has the USGS topographic maps of the United States and Canada available for online viewing.

TopoQuest: 1:24K USGS topographic maps (United States) 1:100K USGS topographic maps (United States) 1:250K USGS topographic maps (United States) 1m satellite/aerial imagery (United States and Canada) Canadian 1:50K topographic maps

  • Want to browse around and zoom in on topographic maps for your area? Visit Map Viewer.
  • Want to search for, download or view a particular topographic map? Visit our Find Maps page.
  • Want to search for a populated place, geographic landmark, manmade object or other place or feature? Try Find Places page.
  • Looking for more info on DRG files, their format, and software you can use to view them? Check out the Resources & Links page.