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Green Building Design Label Three Star (China)

The website is in Chinese

The Chinese Green Building Evaluation Label (GBEL) is a government-run green building certification program with strict requirements for achieving rating levels. GBEL includes two different evaluation standards for residential and public (i.e. commercial and government-owned) buildings. The voluntary GBEL program consists of a Green Building Design Label (GBDL) and the operational Green Building Label (GBL). Both labels utilize a three-star rating system, with three-stars awarded to the highest rated green buildings and one-star awarded to the lowest rated green buildings.

The green building design evaluation system is composed of three types of criteria for each of six categories evaluated: mandatory elements that must be included in the building, general elements, and preferred elements. One point is awarded for each item that is included in the building design. For example, mandatory energy efficiency items for residential buildings include meeting energy-savings standard requirements for heating and HVAC design, and for installing built-in temperature controls and heat metering in buildings that have central heating or air conditioning. General energy-efficiency items include the use of efficient equipment, lighting, energy recovery units, and renewable energy technologies such as solar water heaters, solar photovoltaics (PV), and ground-source heat pump systems. Preferred items include more efficient heating and air conditioning and greater renewable energy integration.

The label star rating is determined by the minimum score for each of the six components, giving equal weight to all six categories.