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SunTegra Solar Roof Systems

Solar Shingles Become a Cost Competitive Reality

Integrated Solar Technology is a solar product designer and manufacturer that has developed a Solar Shingle and Solar Tile option for people that want to go solar, but do not like the look of traditional solar panels on metal racks. The SunTegra approach allows for a direct-to-roof install with no racking and no asphalt shingles underneath the system creating a low-profile, more aesthetically-pleasing solar option for homeowners. SunTegra will both protect the home and offset the energy bill for homeowners. In the past, this type of technology has been too expensive, inefficient, and unsafe; however, by utilizing proven monocrystalline solar technology (the same that is used in most traditional solar panels!), the SunTegra system is competitively priced, easier to install, and produces just as much energy as standard rack-mounted solar panels - an exciting advancement in building-integrated PV.