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An interactive tool to guide designers toward Performance-Driven Design

The DART is an interactive tool to guide designers toward Performance-Driven DesignSM. Performance Driven Design (PDD) is a strategy to improve the economic, social and environmental value of the built environment. Developed by RTKL


IDENTIFY VARIABLES Every project comes with its own set of constraints that drive the design. In order to maximize performance, these constraints should be factored into strategy identification at the beginning of the design process. The Performance Wheel is designed to help with this. Divided into the three categories of the sustainability triple bottom line — economic,environmental and social – the wheel enables you to quickly and easily define your project’s goals and priorities. If these strategies are identified out of context, they are less likely to succeed in bringing value. It’s essential to start by identifying your climate, sector and values for the project before selecting the most relevant strategies.


SELECT YOUR STRATEGIES Every spoke of the Performance Wheel has an associated set of strategies developed to address that particular value, while also optimizing performance across the sustainability triple bottom line. Mouse over the value or values most important to your project to reveal these relevant strategies. From there, you can select a specific strategy to learn how best to implement it on your project. Each strategy has been assigned a Value Impact Rating, which assesses its potential to improve performance across multiple values and categories.


A hallmark of PDD is to make the right decisions at the right time. The PDD Pyramid enables you to employ your chosen strategies at the time in the design process that will make them most effective. Use this pyramid as a way to structure your approach