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Hut-Topia (Book)

How to Create Sustainable Small Homes and Homesteads

Hut-Topia is a place-name combining "hut" for small house and "utopi"a for ideal. You can build your own ‘Hut-Topia’ as inspired and wonderful as the small house that Thomas Jefferson built which founded his famous Monticello homestead!

Hut-Topia is a holistic DIY guide designed to help you on your path to creating a sustainable homestead and affordable dwelling. You’ll find perspective from the history of small homes, building and zoning codes, on being a landowner, how rural living is different than urban, examples of off-grid dwellings, and much more:

Part 1 Right-Sized Towns: Explains how population influences townships and shows you how to locate and research a place that will work well for your plans.

Part 2 Owner-Built Shelter: Emphasizes livable space design and the planning steps to take before building, with examples of affordable construction methods.

Part 3 Off-Grid Power, Water, and Food: Expands the design and planning in Part 2 with dozens of off-grid methods and details you can use for your homestead.