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Inovus Solar Lighting (Idaho, USA)

Inovus deisgns and manufactures innovative soalr lighting, inlcuding its solar-wrapped street lights.

Outdoor street and area lighting has changed little since the move to electric lighting in the early 1900s. Today’s approaches consume too much expensive power from the grid. They are costly to maintain, and deliver relatively poor light quality. In remote and developing markets, the infrastructure to support traditional outdoor lighting isn’t in place, and the cost to establish it is prohibitively high. Today’s lighting is also responsible for releasing billions of tons of greenhouse gases annually. Solar generation on existing grid-connected infrastructure can bring clean, sustainable energy to any community. Or coupled with reliable energy storage on every light, it can eliminate grid connection costs entirely from street lighting programs, permanently fixing operating expenses by eliminating the cost of energy.

Solar isn’t only for sunny climates. For example, with Inovus Solar-Enhanced Lighting™ they have consistently measured 6 to 9 days of autonomous operation without direct sunlight in locations around the United States. The thin-film material in Inovus Solar products is more effective at converting sunlight on cloudy days than traditional flat-paneled solutions. Daylight is composed of direct sunlight and diffuse or scattered sunlight. During cloudy days, Inovus products convert diffuse sunlight into usable energy nearly 20% better than typical.