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Solar Installer App

The heart-and-soul of this solar calculating software is its peak sun hour database from NASA and similar organizations around the world, and from more than 2.000 weather stations. Accurate results are achieved.

Solar PV Installer for iPhone or Blackberry shows the path to saving money and going green by installing solar panels on your home or business. In minutes you will know all relevant factors such as PV system size, electric production, number of panels required, total space needed, electric savings, an installation cost estimate and more! Accurate mathematical formulas and ability to enter detailed information ensure accurate results.

Solar PV is made for both novices and professionals. Simple step-by-step screens guide you through to key results with confidence. Accept system defaults for panel angle, orientation and more for a quick and easy estimate. Open saved configurations to add details and improve accuracy. Instantly produce a complete summary which can be emailed to solar professionals.