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Zenn Valve

Water flow management device

Zenn Valve is a water flow management device that helps reduce billable water consumption by at least 5 percent. The FMD is designed with three main functions to help clients reduce water consumption that is metered entering your facility.

  • The FMD manages the flow from turbulent to laminar flow in the water line
  • The FMD manages the size of any air (pockets, eddies, bubbles) in the water line
  • The FMD manages the flow efficiency and flow rate traveling through the water line

Throughout the water distribution system there are many factors than produce turbulence in the line. From the pumping and lift station pumps, elevation changes, every tee, elbow, gate valve and pipe size transition there is opportunity for turbulence to be produced. With the oscillation of the valve piston at a given frequency we are increasing the effect and efficiency of the boundary layer in the pipe thus allowing the Reynolds number to be reduced and providing a turbulent/laminar transition zone prior to entering the water meter. This is further amplified through the utilization of Venturis’ principal being designed into the entry and exit of the flow through the FMD further providing linear stability.

The FMD is a self-perpetuated device that is activated by the pressure of the incoming water in the line. The FMD has a plunger head that oscillates between 300-500 times a minute, resulting in a hydraulic intensification upstream of the device. The result of hydraulic intensification lowers the Reynolds number found in the water line, creating a more laminar flow thru the meter.