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Highline Park Design Video

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Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video






EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies)

Global assessment tool for green buildings

EDGE is an innovative assessment tool. By using EDGE, the financial viability of a green building project can be determined at the early design stage. EDGE offers options that lead to an ideal set of technical solutions that reduce energy and water consumption, calculating upfront costs and potential operational savings. Underlying the user-friendly interface is a sophisticated set of country-specic calculations that create a single picture of building performance over time—making EDGE an eective intervention tool in combating climate change.

EDGE encourages resource-efficient building growth by proving the business case for building green. Whether you are constructing homes or apartments, hotels or resorts, offices, retail, or health care buildings, EDGE empowers you to build sustainably. Use EDGE only at the design stage or take your building all the way through to certification.

  • Design - enter your building parameters, then choose technical solutions to view the advantages of building green. Create an account and begin designing within minutes.
  • Achieve - reach the EDGE standard when 20% efficiency is met in energy, water, and embodied energy in materials. EDGE calculates your utility savings and reduced carbon footprint. 
  •  Certify - for a small investment, obtain EDGE certification and increase the marketability of your building project.
EDGE calculates operational savings and reduced carbon emissions for your building as measured against a base case.