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Modern Composting Toilets in Homes

A brief summary of how these products work in modern homes

Most people have heard about composting toilets. Some would have used them at a concert and those from another generation may have a memory of them from when they were a child. But these experiences are not indicative of modern composting toilets. Some people are surprised to hear that they are used in modern homes.

The term composting toilet can be used to cover everything from the hole in the ground to a modern, purpose-built appliance suitable at home.

Modern composting toilets for domestic use are a bit like a tumble drier in so far as they both have an extract fan, both can roll the contents through 360 degrees and both have a small liquid outlet for excess moisture. Another thing in common with a tumble drier is that you do not need an advanced degree in composting or engineering to use composting toilets - they are user friendly.

The reason why the contents of the drum need to be rolled through 360 degrees, once every two days, is to aerate the microbes in the drum. Correct aeration is key in composting. Aerobic respiration by microbes does not create foul smells that are typical in septic systems. Most testimonials from users say that a composting toilet smells less than a normal toilet. Imagine if a flush toilet had an extract fan built in below the seat somehow; no smells would get out of the unit. This is exactly how the composting toilet works and it is the reason for odourless operation.

So when considering a composting toilet in any application, be sure to look at the mechanics of how it works as the term can be used to describe a lot of very different products.