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Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video






HomeCalc Calculator from Energy Star (USA)

Calculate the benefits of an Energy Star home

In an easy-to-understand format, users input a homebuyer’s annual income, monthly debt, and down payment along with purchase price, utility bills and mortgage information for a standard home and an ENERGY STAR certified home. Based on this information, HomeCalc can easily show:


  • How the utility bill savings from investing in an ENERGY STAR certified home can outweigh small increases in the mortgage payment, leaving the homebuyer with extra money in their pocket every month; 
  • How monthly cost savings can be used to buy more home upgrades — on kitchen cabinets or carpet, for example; 
  • How ENERGY STAR homes are affordable under various mortgage options, including the Fannie Mae, FHA, VA and Freddie Mac Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs); and 
  • The present value of the energy savings over time.