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Switching To Solar PV Online Tool (USA)

Online Solar Energy Tool to assist homeowners switch to solar

An online solar energy tool for assisting homeowners to switch to solar.

Are solar panels worth it? Use this online solar energy tool to determine your solar panel system size and your potential savings by calculating instantly how much sun is hitting your roof.

To answer the question whether solar panels are worth it to install on your roof, this system tells you and calculates for you the incentives, your solar panel cost while showing you how much you can save with solar. Finally, it presents to you the best financing options available to you, your payback period and savings to determine how worth are your solar panels when you simply enter your location. Learn more here about this online system. Most people considering to switch to solar want to know whether is worth the investment.

Are solar panels worth it? This simple online solar energy tool helps you find out if solar is a good fit for your home. It is a one-stop place of information that provides all you need to know to switch to solar.

Going solar has been made easier and simple as booking a plane ticket because this process – is simplified by using a first of its kind online solar energy system that utilizes Google Maps and information taken from other databases to show users possible configurations of solar panels on their home, and put them in contact with solar energy providers.

The interesting feature about this system is that it is capable of calculating how much sun a rooftop gets at any particular time of the year which is a key factor in determining whether switching to solar makes financial sense. Using this new online solar energy system, consumers are able to compare and contrast the costs and benefits of different solar energy plans available to them in this online platform. These options are presented to consumers in terms of solar panel cost, energy savings, money savings as well as financing options available to them to decide whether to switch to solar with cash, loan, solar lease or solar PPA. Solar PPA and solar lease require no money down thus helping you to go solar as these two options are affordable for most consumers that may not have any cash upfront; but can afford to pay for their solar on a month to month basis.

The process of switching to solar PV starts with simply entering your address into the system and you can start comparing the costs and benefits of the different plans presented to you as the consumer. You can click here to start using this online solar energy system. Learn more about this new system at www.switchingtosolarpv.com