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Sun Day Solar (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)

SunDaySolar, an Entero Energy company, is located in Charlottesville VA, and has been installing and maintaining solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems since 2010. From heating water to powering warehouses with electricity, SunDaySolar has an established track record for quality solar projects. Sun Day helps clients create a clean, sustainable future.

SunDaySolar provides complete solar solutions that are turn-key. Their focus is on helping homes and small to medium size organizations take advantage of the sea change in how humans generate and use electricity.

Sun Day provides engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of solar power systems. Since 2010, SunDaySolar and Entero Energy have installed more than 1.2 mW of residential and commercial solar systems. That is the equivalent of around 4,000 panels! SunDaySolar backs its installations with industry-leading equipment warranties and also also with a 5-year service warranty on all products and labor. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.