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Leading Force Energy and Design (Yakima, Washington, USA)

Energy saving products, sustainable materials and architectural design

Leading Force Energy and Design Center represents many products and systems for green built homes and small commercial projects. Leading Force also offers an expert team approach to design and construction for developing healthy, energy efficient projects within a manageable budget. Located in Yakima, Washington, Leading Force provides sarvices and materials all over central and eastern Washington State.

The showroom features a wide array of finish materials, cabinetry and plumbing fixtures. Our team is able to provide a uniquely integrated approach for building projects based on our close collaboration and a solid commitment to lowering energy bills, creating healthy indoor environments and utilizing sustainable construction practices.

Education, trainings and seminars are routinely offered at the in-store conference room, covering topics such as energy efficiency strategies, building codes, straw bale construction techniques, etc.

Open to both the public and to contractors and subcontractors, the showroom shows what's possible for your project!

Products and services include:


  • Solar panel options for power generation
  • Geothermal heating/cooling for comfort
  • Thermal shell design
  • Low voltage lighting and control systems
  • Advanced air sealing techniques
  • Whole house energy audits
  • Beautiful barn doors
  • Architectural design
  • Interior design 
  • Beautiful materials such as tile, stone, glass, reclaimed wood and metal, flooring, cork, clay wall finishes, and many other sustainble options.