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Straw Bale Gardening Website Resource

How to create small garden plots using straw bales

What is straw bale gardening? With straw bale gardening the bales act as natural containers for your plants. They’re like growbags or raised beds at a fraction of the cost and without the plastic waste. This makes it a great choice for anyone with hard soil or no soil at all, as all the magic takes place above the surface of the ground.

Some benefits of straw bale gardening


  • No soil needed -- Straw bale gardening is especially useful for gardeners that have poor or no soil at all. As the bales act as completely natural containers for your plants you can grow about anywhere you want. 
  • Longer growing period  -- The decomposing straw creates warmth giving you a head start in spring and a longer growing period into fall, providing you up to a month of extra growing time. 
  • Natural raised beds -- If you find stooping difficult, or you’re just a fan of raised beds, straw bales provide an excellent ready-made container for your fruit and vegetables. Unlike raised beds, with straw bale gardening the bale itself forms the frame so no messing around with wood and nails. 
  • Suited for small spaces -- Even if you only have access to a balcony or flat roof area, you can still find a corner for a bale or two. Bales can even be hung off a balcony rail.