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GenieBelt (Fee-based - one free project)

Simple Construction Software and App

GenieBelt is an online tool that helps construction workers manage projects using a web based platform or mobile app that provides access to all of the programs, tasks and drawings they need at the touch of a button.

GenieBelt is based on an innovative and simple idea for construction - a shared, real-time, interactive project Gantt chart, accessed from your desktop or mobile phone. By sharing live project information, your teams have what they need to get things done faster. Collaborate in smarter and more effective ways to get your construction projects completed quicker.

Live construction management
Access to all tasks all the time.

  • Interactive Gantt chart to track timing and delays on your construction site. 
  • Allocate people to builder tasks, then manage contractors and monitor their progress. 
  • Import any program from MS Project, Asta or Primavera and run it live, in real-time, in GenieBelt.
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Headquartered in Denmark with offices in USA, UK and Canada.