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Brikawood Building Blocks (France)

Wood building system without nails, screws or glue

The Brikawood system does not use nails, screws or glue. The brick consists of four wooden elements - two lateral flanges and two transverse spacers (spacers), machined in "dovetail" - which are assembled together by interlocking, thus giving a mechanical rigidity to the assembly. The Brikawood brick is intended to be used alone, without cladding, rain cover or vapor barrier, only a special check valve specific to Brikawood, simplifying as much as possible the implementation of any type of construction, while ensuring performance and Waterproofing.

The bricks (models 125 and 250) are assembled with little tooling by trained and certified Brikawood fitters. The system does not require the use of lifting or polluting equipment and has a minimum level of space requirement. Fully recyclable, the brick is 100% natural from the beginning to the end of its operating cycle. By its technical characteristics, the Brikawood wood brick has incomparable thermal, mechanical, acoustic and anti-seismic properties.

The construction process is a logical system of load-bearing walls, based on the assembly of stacked wooden bricks without fastening. The bricks are held together by the spacers which give the wall a mechanical coherence and dimensional stability. The system, self-tightening, brings structural rigidity through the mass effect. The process eliminates any rise in moisture by the absence of "standing wood" in contact with the soil. It adapts to the construction of individual houses, industrial sites, collective habitats, extensions, elevations, and separation walls.