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Toxipedia (Global)

Free toxicology online encyclopedia

Toxipedia is a free toxicology encyclopedia offering articles and resources about toxic chemicals (such as pesticides and endocrine disruptors), health conditions, ethical considerations, the history of toxicology, laws and regulation, and more. Our goal is to provide scientific information in the context of history, society, and culture so that the public has the information needed to make sound choices that protect both human and environmental health.

As a moderated wiki, Toxipedia offers a way for scientists, environmental health professionals, students, and concerned citizens to share their knowledge with the public for the benefit of the common good. We encourage everyone with an interest in topics related to toxicology to contribute content, whether it's a journal article, fact sheet, student paper, or essay. We offer Writers Guidelines as well as an editor who can help you to develop your piece. There are also many other ways to contribute. 

Toxipedia is a project of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders. INND is a nonprofit organization that distributes scientific information about the health and environmental impacts of toxic chemicals, thereby empowering the public and policy makers to make choices that create healthy communities and environments. View a two-page brochure summarizing INND's educational projects and history of accomplishments. We also assist other organizations with research and education projects through Toxipedia Web Development Services.