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Quartz Building Products Database (Online)

Common building products in free downloadable formats

Both life cycle impact and health hazard data are integrated into the Quartz open-source building products database.

The Quartz Common Product Database seeds the effort to bridge a vast knowledge gap within the AEC industry. Using a consistent and transparent methodology, this database includes composition, environment, and health hazard information on common building products. Information is critical for market transformation towards less toxic and lower-impact materials. With open data, the industry can begin to measure, demand, and design better products, buildings, and communities.

The Quartz Project was founded on the idea that transparency and open access to data are critical for true market transformation of the building products industry. The purpose of the Common Products database is to be an educational and actionable source of information for those who are looking to more deeply understand the human health and environmental implications of common building products on the market. By providing this data in a transparent, and accessible manner, the developers hope to encourage innovation in the tools and processes that impact the design of buildings and the products that constitute them.