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Solarity Architecture (UK)

Passive Solar Design

Solarity is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to help anyone involved in property to make the most of the free energy the sun supplies. Whether you are planning a newbuild, have plans drawn up already, live in an existing building, or are a designer of buildings, Solarity can help you identify where you can use the sun most effectively.

The aim of solar passive design is to provide a comfortable environment inside a building without having to use carbon-based fuels to heat it or cool it. So it is not just about the sun. Solar passive design is a holistic design approach requiring the designer to understand basic principles of the physics of heating and cooling as it applies to the environment around the building in question. Solarity can offer you assistance, should you wish to go solar. Whether you are a current householder in any type of house, a self-builder with or without plans, a housebuilder with or without plans, or an architect/designer with or without plans