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Renewable Energy Tracker at University of Virginia (Charlottesville)

Metered Solar Panels Provide Data on Energy Production

This online tool uses real-time data to help students, faculty, staff and the community stay up to date on the University of Virginia’s progress towards a robust renewable energy portfolio. About 1,700 solar panels were installed on grounds in 2017 including rooftop systems on the UVA Bookstore, Clemons Library, Ruffner Hall and Skipwith Hall.

The Renewable Energy Tracker website highlights the current energy production on all of these panels.

Multiple work groups at UVA collaborated to create this online tool to raise awareness of the university’s investment in solar energy production, the environmental savings resulting from these initiatives and to support learning opportunities for students, faculty and staff. Meters installed on the rooftop solar panels and within the corresponding buildings track the production of solar power as well as the electric demand fed from the panels. While some of the panels and the energy they produce are owned by UVA, others are leased to Dominion Virginia Power and the energy they produce goes to the grid, not to UVA buildings directly.