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New York University (USA)

Environmental Studies
The new Environmental Studies Program aims to provide students with the breadth of understanding and skills necessary for resolving environmental questions and creating a sustainable future on scales ranging from local to global. It emphasizes integrated, problem-oriented study and a broad range of courses across disciplines and schools. Environmental Health Clinic The Environmental Health Clinic at NYU is a clinic and lab, modeled on other health clinics at universities. However the project approaches health from an understanding of its dependence on external local environments; rather than on the internal biology and genetic predispositions of an individual. Bioethics The program promotes a broad conception of bioethics encompassing both medical and environmental ethics through conferences, workshops, public lectures, and graduate courses. Center on Environmental and Land Use Law (NYU School of Law) This center emphasizes legal research and problem-solving in three principal subject areas: Environmental Regulation, International Environmental Law and Sustainable Development, and Land Use Law and Regulation. Wallerstein Collaborative for Urban Environmental Education (NYU Steinhardt) The Collaborative provides a year-round program which stimulates public school teachers in the metropolitan New York City region to bring environmental education into the classroom. The Collaborative also provides increased environmental education opportunities for pre-service teachers through direct experience in the urban environment. Environmental Conservation Education (NYU Steinhardt) An intensive interdisciplinary MA program that involves students in a consideration of social, philosophical, political, and educational perspectives on the environment. The ECE program is the oldest graduate program in environmental studies in the U.S. with a foundation in environmental philosophy rather than science. Master of Urban Planning (NYU Wagner) This program not only provides students with an understanding of the economic, technological and social forces that shape metropolitan areas at home and abroad, it also equips them with the tools needed to confront the key challenges facing urban communities across the globe. Other programs with elective courses that focus on environmental issues: Individualized Concentrations (NYU Gallatin) Though Gallatin does not offer a degree with an explicit environmental focus, its interdisciplinary, individualized undergraduate and graduate degree programs have often lent themselves to environmental study. Students have access to courses across several different NYU schools, and many choose to develop sustainability-related concentrations by combining resources throughout the university. Gallatin itself also offers several environment-focused courses. Interactive Telecommunications Program (NYU Tisch) ITP challenges students to apply their creativity and imagination to the latest digital tools and techniques and push the boundaries of interactivity in the real and digital worlds. The development and use of interactive technologies can place heavy demand on our environment, but on the other hand, these technologies can be used to make a positive impact as well. Several sustainable design and renewable energy-related courses are offered. Master of Science in Global Affairs (SCPS) This M.S. Program offers a context for understanding critical issues in international politics, economics, dispute settlement, law, human rights, energy, the environment, and related areas. The program's environmental courses focus on global warming and natural resources. Science, Health & Environmental Reporting (NYU Arts and Sciences, Journalism) SHERP is a 16- month graduate-level science journalism program. It emphasizes intensive training in research, reporting and writing as well as immersion in a wide range of cutting-edge scientific issues, from genetics to global climate change. Department of Environmental Medicine (NYU Medicine) One of the nation's oldest and foremost centers for research into the health effects of environmental pollution. Research divisions include Biostatistics, Human Exposure and Health Effects, and Epidemiology. The department offers a graduate program in Environmental Health Science.