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Riverdale Net Zero Project (Canada)

The Riverdale NetZero Project is one of 12 similar projects across Canada. It is part of CMHC’s EQuilibrium Healthy Housing program. The duplex is located in Riverdale, in the river valley near downtown Edmonton, AB.

The solar power system will generate too much electricity for the house any sunny hour of any month of the year. The least expensive way to handle this surplus electricity is to export it to “the electrical grid”, where the homeowners will get credit for it. The house has an electrical meter that will separately measure both how much electricity the house imports from the grid, and how much the house exports back to the grid. The net electricity cost will be based on both these numbers. On an annual basis the net cost of the electricity should be zero, but this depends on the new electrical net metering regulations that Alberta is expected to put into place within a year. The electrical bill will also have the standard fixed electricity service charges on it, which at this time amount to around $200 per year