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Philadelphia Duplex with PV and Solar Water Heater

Built around 1917, this house is half of a twin identical to four other twins on the block and a common design found in the Philadelphia region. The owner likes to point out that his house proves that it is possible to turn a typical Philadelphia house into a solar home. In addition to the solar systems the Rudin/Chin house employs a variety of other energy saving strategies such as fluorescent lighting, lots of insulation, high- efficiency appliances and water-saving fixtures on faucets and showerheads. The drain down solar hot water heating system dumps about two gallons of warm water into the garden each night resulting in very happy and healthy plants. Meters located on the inside and outside of the house measure how much electricity is being used against how much is generated. The outside meters are easily accessible to passersby. Andy and Joyce welcome visitors who want to learn more but appreciate a call beforehand to let them know your coming.