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Photo Gallery of Solar Energy

from Prometheus Institute

See how solar energy is being used in various applications. From small, remote applications to large industrial-scale utility applications, the useful applications for solar electricity are as varied as the types of users and their need for energy.

•Off-Grid PV – The oldest and most cost-effective of terrestrial applications of solar energy include remote power and places the electric grid does not reach.

•Residential PV – Homeowners are increasingly adding solar electricity to their roofs, allowing their owners to safely and reliably generate much of the power they use, while still using the grid for electricity storage and backup.

•Commercial PV – Commercial building owners are rapidly discovering the potential for on-site solar electricity to shave high load charges and replace expensive mid-day electricity.

•Building-Integrated PV – Building-integrated PV will allow for easy and cost-effective substitution of existing building materials for electricity producing components.

•Utility-Scale PV – With the aging of the grid and the high cost of repairs, utilities are testing solar electricity systems to mitigate the need to upgrade the capacity of conventional generation facilities.

•Solar Landmarks – Courtesy of Steven Strong and Solar Design Associates – Famous firsts in Solar Energy