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Wind Power in Green Architecture

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Horns Reef Wind Farm (Denmark)

Wind power is contributing significantly to Danish efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. ...more


San Gorgonio Wind Farm Produces 893 GWh

Coachella Valley extends from Riverside County to the Salton Sea; the valley is 45 miles long and 15 miles wide. Coachella Valley is part of the ...more


Appalachian Students Fund Wind Turbine (USA)

The Senior Class of 2009 also made a contribution to the turbine. Alteris Renewables, recently ranked as the fastest growing renewable energy ...more

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Wind Project Calculator (USA)

The Wind Project Calculator was developed to assist you in performing cash flow modeling for community wind projects. You will need to enter ...more

Wind Turbine Software

The RETScreen Software Wind Power Model can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial ...more

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Aerotecture Wind Turbines (USA)

Aerotecture International seeks to radically transform the dominant paradigm of energy production and consumption around the globe. Blending the ...more

Airtricity (Scotland)

Airtricity’s renewable energy development division is responsible for the development and construction of the Scottish and Southern Energy ...more

Alpha Ventus Wind Farm Video

A highly interesting and informative look at the offshore wind farm construction process of Alpha Ventus Wind Farm off the coast of Germany. Film ...more

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