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Flying Cloud Home to EcoTravelers (USA)
In the summer of 2009, Kate and John departed on a cross-country journey of discovery and celebration, hope and serendipity. Using a vintage 1962 ...

SolarAid Brings Solar Power to Rural Areas in Need
SolarAid is a non-profit that aims to enable the world's poorest people to have clean, renewable power using the sun. Right now, two billion people...

SolaRoof Keeps It Cool and Hot (Canada)
A distinguishing feature of a Solaroof building is the use of liquid bubbles to create insulation. When needed, a mass of soap bubbles are held bet...

Wind Towers Catch the Breezes (Mid East)
A windcatcher is an architectural device used for many centuries to create natural ventilation in buildings. The function of this tower is to catch...

Zayed Museum To Cool Passively (Abu Dhabi)
The Zayed National Museum will become the centerpiece of the emerging Saadiyat Island Cultural District in Abu Dhabi and is the UAE's first major n...

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Files tagged by Diy (16)  ^

A Tracking Solar Cooker by Alan Nichols
This 11-page document shows how a tracking solar cooker is made and works.

Art Tec Microinverter Article 2012
Seven-page article describes the Marsden's home power system in coastal Maine, USA, made possible with microinverters.

Art Tec Solar Heat in Maine Article 2002
This ten-page article describes a solar thermal heating system in Maine, USA.

Art Tec Solar Heat Upgrade Article 2007
This five-page article describes Guy Marsden's upgrade to his solar heating system in Maine, USA.

Build Yourself a Mongolian Yurt
This 35-page document provides details on how to build your own yurt, a circular wood-framed tentlike structure used by nomadic peoples of central ...

Building a Mongolian Yurt
This 26-page document outlines how to construct a traditional wooden-frame yurt, a substantial tent-like structure used by nomadic people in centra...

Construction of a Yurt
This 16-page document describes how to build a traditional Mongolian yurt.

EcoSense House Costs
This one-page sheet provides the costs for building the EcoSense house on Vancouver island, BC, Canada - a zero energy home.

EcoSense House Info Sheet
This three-page info sheet provides the features of the EcoSense house on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Insulating Thatched Roofs in the UK 2012
This 19-page guide provides advice on the principles, risks, materials and methods for insulating thatched roofs in the United Kingdom.

Maddux Home Sweet and Soulful Article 2011
This article describes the Maddux home that was built using recycled and salvaged materials, by hand, near Boulder, Colorado.

Project Build a Solar Panel
This article describes how to build a solar panel from individual components.

Solar Elevation Azimuth Gage
A solar gage helps you measure the sun azimuth and elevation angles. Make the Elevation gage * Paste one copy onto a piece of cardboard. ...

Solar Panel Angles for Various Latitudes
One-page image shows a simple chart for determining solar panel angles at various latitudes.

Water Wall Solar Design Manual (Passive)
This 29-page manual describes how to build and use water wall passive solar systems.

Resources (12)  ^

Art Tec (Maine, USA)
Guy Marsden writes: Ilive with my wife Rebekah in rural Maine where I work out of my solar powered and heated barn workshop. I started this...

Art Tec DIY in Maine (USA)
Guy Marsden and his wife made a commitment to live sustainably. This website is an effort to share what they've learned and how they've managed ...

DIY Soda Can Solar Space Heater
Instructions and plenty of images show how Daniel made a simple box out of some 2x4s, stacked a hundred or two black-painted soda cans inside wi...

DIY Solar Water Heater Installation Guide (online)
This is a nine-part online illustrated guide to installing your own solar water heater by Aztec Solar.

DIY Wind Turbine Project
This project for making a wind turbine is appropriate for high school level. Most of the tools and materials you need, can be found in your...

Earth for Energy DIY Solar
Solar panels for do-it-yourselfers.

Hut-Topia (Book)
Hut-Topia is a place-name combining "hut" for small house and "utopi"a for ideal. You can build your own ‘Hut-Topia’ as inspired and...

PVC Hoophouse for Your Garden DIY
by Travis Saling An unheated PVC hoophouse can be a useful addition to your garden. It keeps excessive rain off the plants, blocks the wind, rai...

Sola Roof
The Sola Roof Goal is to transform our homes and communities through an Open Source initiative for Sustainable Living sponsored by and based on ...

Solar Aid (International)
SolarAid aims to enable the world's poorest people to have clean, renewable power. Solar power leads to better education, health, safety and inc...

Solar Aid - Fighting Poverty & Climate Change
Two of the biggest threats facing humanity today are climate change and global poverty. SolarAid helps to combat both, simply by bringing clean,...

SolaRoof Wiki
The Sola Roof goal is to transform our homes and communities through an Open Source initiative for Sustainable Living sponsored by and based on ...

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