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Appalachia Jobs Project Video

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Bethesda Zero Home Construction Tour PART 1 of 2

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Passive Design in Green Architecture

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Arizona National Guard Building (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

The Arizona Army National Guard's Ecobuilding in Phoenix is an adobe style office building that is completely independent of conventional ...more

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Earthships Dig Their Heels Into The Hillside

The Greater World Community The Greater World Community is a housing development in Taos, New Mexico that consists entirely of earthships. The ...more

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Green Building, Louisville, Kentucky, Style

Change Agent:
A green retrofit serves as the cornerstone for regenerating a distressed neighborhood

By Jane Kolleeny, ...more

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ArchiPhysics Passive Solar Software (Free)

This program was written to show how different variables affect the indoor temperature of a building.


Awnshade Software

This software from the Florida Solar Energy Center allows the user to model different window shading types at various sun altitudes and ...more

Build It Solar

This website provides a selection of references and analysis tools for solar design - books, websites, publications and information on solar ...more

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Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies

Part of the larger education of the Oberlin community aimed to promote the practical skills and analytic abilities necessary to reweave the human ...more

Adobe House in Winter Video

This snippet is an exerpt of a for-sale video by Andrey Shadrov. It is warm, comfortable and ecological to live in adobe house, even in winter, - ...more

Alaska Bioshelter Solar Greenhouse Video (USA)

This guy built, out of the side of an Alaska mountain, a water recycling, self-sustaining shelter. Out of some fairly simple stuff. The goal was ...more

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