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Passive Solar Architectural Design

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Utah Passive House (Mill Creek, Utah, USA)

Our Passive House by the Numbers:
heating degree days - 4838
cooling degree days  - 1278
finished ...more


Shillong House Gets Eco Makeover (India)

The Shillong House is located in a locality of Upper Shillong which is about three kilometers from the center of the city’s business ...more


Lava Flow 4 Collects Rainwater

In 1988, while vacationing on Hawaii, the largest island in the Pacific chain, San Franciscans Mike Kurokawa and Paul Fishman happened upon an ad ...more

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Awnshade Software

This software from the Florida Solar Energy Center allows the user to model different window shading types at various sun altitudes and ...more

Build It Solar

This website provides a selection of references and analysis tools for solar design - books, websites, publications and information on solar ...more

Degree Day Charts - Free

Weather is free, so data about weather should be free, right? So, here it is - free degree day and energy usage reports. Use them to track average ...more

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Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies

Part of the larger education of the Oberlin community aimed to promote the practical skills and analytic abilities necessary to reweave the human ...more


This great video features Amory Lovins and his house in Snowmass, Colorado, by the Wall Street Journal. A quarter-century ago, in the wake of ...more

An Appalachian House (Virginia, USA)

This thesis project provides the design and energy analysis for a passive solar house in the Appalachian region of the United States. It is a ...more

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