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Solar Architecture and Green Building

Active Resources

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1BOG - One Block Off Grid (USA)

2009 State-by-State Solar Report Card (USA)

A and R Solar (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Advanced Solar Products

Affordable Solar (USA)

African Energy (Africa)

African Villages Go Solar with SOLARtec Video

AIRE Solar Training (USA)

AirRenew Gypsum Board by CertainTeed Gypsum

Alcatraz Goes Green Radio Program Link


APPER Solaire (France)

Art Tec DIY in Maine (USA)

Ascent Solar Technology

Astralux Solar Energy Blog (Colorado)

BB Brown Residence (Florida, USA)

Beyond Oil Solar (California, USA)

Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors

Biomimicry in Architecture, Integrating Technology with Nature

Bob's Big Boy Solar System Video

Bob's Solar Project Blog (Michigan USA)

BP Solar

BrightBuilt Barn Plans Set

Build It Solar

California Solar Power History

Camping Portable Solar Panels Video Link

Capita Symonds

Cell Awards

CitizenRE REnu

Clean Techies Blog

CleanTech America (USA)

CO2 Saver House (Poland)

CoDePro -- Flat Plate Collector Design Program

Concordia University Solar Thermal and Electricity Generation Video Link (Canada)

Cooler Planet Blog

Cost Less Energy (Yakima, Washington, USA)

DEERS (Developing Energy-Efficient Roof Systems)

Denver Solar Blog (Colorado USA)

Desertec Foundation

Difficult Market Brings Innovation & Maturity to Solar PV Video

DJH Solar Blog

Drake Landing Solar Community (Alberta, Canada)



EcoSense House (Vancouver Island, Canada)

EcoSense House PhotoStream

Edmonds Washington Community Solar Cooperative

Electric Load Estimate Worksheet

Electric Sailing (Finland)

energie-experten.org (Germany)

Engensa (UK)

Europe's Solar Thermal Experience Can Inform the US Industry Video

Facts About Solar Power

Florida Gulf Coast University Switches To Solar Power

Flux Energy GS (USA)

Forum Solar (European Union)

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Germany)

Geos Zero Net Energy Neighborhood Colorado

Get Solar (USA)

Get Solar Blog

Global Solar World (Australia)

Go Green Solar Blog

Go Solar California (USA)

Grace Solar (China)

Green Tech Solar

GreenLight Solar (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Helio Sustainable Energy Blog

Helio Sustainable Energy Blog

Himin Solar (China)

iHouses Modular with Solar Panels

Improving Sustainability Concept In Developing Countries 2nd-Edition 2017

In My Backyard (USA)

INsel (fee-based)

Inside Queen City EcoVillage Video Link

Integral Sustainable Design: Transformative Perspectives

Ivanpah SEGS (California USA)

Lagniappe Solar House Video Link

LandArk Designer Pods Video Link

Large-scale Photovoltaic Power Plants Rankings (Global)

Lighthouse Zero Energy Home (UK) Video Link

Living Off the Grid (USA)

Louisville Couple Chooses Sustainable Lifestyle

Maine Solar House Website (USA)

Michigan Wind Prospecting Tool (USA)

Omega Center for Sustainable Living (Rhinebeck, New York, USA)

OneEngineer (UK)

Online System for Greenbuildings

Open PV Mapping Project (USA)

Ozimall Australia

Pave Guard Technologies

Peak Solar (Pennsylvania, USA)

Photon International Magazine

Photovoltaics FAQs - The Basics

Positive Energy (Greece)

Positive Energy Solar (Greece)

Positive Energy Solar (New Mexico, USA)

Power of the Sun Article on Eco-Intel

Powered By Solar Panels Blog

Powering the Fight Against Hunger Video Link

PV F-Chart Software (fee-based)

PV String Sizing Tool Download

PV String Sizing Tool Online

PV-Sol Software for Photovoltaics (fee-based)

PVCad Design Software for PV Facades

PVGIS Estimation Utility (Europe)

PVsyst (fee-based)

Renewable Energy Tracker at University of Virginia (Charlottesville)

Renewzle (California, USA)

Roanakh Designs for Solar Electricity

Sea Solar Power (USA)

Shawn Bradley Retired NBA Star Goes Solar

SHC Solar Award (International)

Sierra Sun Tower Launch Video

Simple Solar Cleaning Systems

Sizing Solar Pool Heaters (Florida, USA)

SkyShade Daylighting & Shades (India, UAE, Saudi Arabia)

Sol Path Sun Path Calculator

Solaleya Rotating Dome Homes

Solar Aid - Fighting Poverty & Climate Change

Solar Balloons from Cool Earth Video Link

Solar Battery Bank Designer

Solar Buzz (Global)

Solar City Residential Leasing

Solar Design Tool for Grid-Tie Systems

Solar Direct (Florida, USA)

Solar Economics (California, USA)

Solar Electricty Basics Blog

Solar Energy for Homes

Solar Energy System Sizing Estimator

Solar Goes Hyper in the U.S.

Solar Panel Advisor for iPad

Solar Panel Shading Calculator

Solar Pathfinder Assistant 4 (for sale)

Solar Power For Your Home by David Findley- Green Guru Guides

Solar Power Forecasting (fee-based)

Solar Roadways

Solar ROI Calculator

Solar Roof Trader

Solar Suitcase Built by Kids Video Link

Solar Umbrella House Video Link

Solar Wineries in California List

Solar-powered plane lands safely after 26-hour flight

Solaris Positive Energy (France)

Solaris Synergy (Israel)

Space-Based Solar Power Blog

State Energy Conservation Office (Texas, USA)

State Solar Incentives (USA)

Stormsaver Ltd (UK)

StrawBale Farms (Trego, Wisconsin, USA)

String Sizing Program for Photovoltaics

Sulfurcell Solar Modules

Sun Drum Solar Blog

Sun Position Info

Sun Powered Dreams Blog

SunAngle Professional Suite

SunBits Solar Blog

SunCal Solar Blog

Sundi (Germany)

Sunergy Systems (Washington State, USA)

SUNN - Solar Powered Electric Car Kit

Sunpath Software

Sunrise/Sunset Calculator (USA)

SunTegra Solar Roof Systems

SunTegra Solar Roof Systems

Sustainable Natural Beauty Article from Design/Build

Tangerine Power (USA)

The Future of Solar (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Parking Lot as a ‘Solar Grove’

The Sol Cinema

The Solar Company (California, USA)

The Solar Guide

The Stellar Solar Blog

Thin-film Photovoltaics and Their Impact on a Commercial Building’s Cooling Load (Article)

Three Solar Parks Miami-Dade (Florida, USA)

Tim Nolan's Blog

Tour the El Dorado Thin-Film Solar Facility Video (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Trane TRACE 700 (fee-based)

Tree Top Builders (North America)

Triage Engineering



Underwood Solar Future (Pittsburgh, USA)

Vatican Goes Solar Video

Voltage Drop Calculator Tool

Vote Solar Blog (USA)

We Care Solar (Global)

Whole Solar Blog

Wire Size Calculator

World of Renewables Forum

Zero Energy Casita (Texas, USA)