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Solar Architecture and Green Building

Diy Resources

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APPER Solaire (France)

APPER Solaire Forum (France)

Art Tec (Maine, USA)

Art Tec DIY in Maine (USA)

Awnshade Software

Build It Solar

Build Your Own Wind Turbine (Ireland)

Build Your Own Yurt (Free Online Book)

Building a Low Impact Roundhouse (Google Online Book)

Climate Consultant

Collector Efficiency Calculator

Degree Day Charts - Free

Degree Days Calculator for IPM (California)

DIY Soda Can Solar Space Heater

DIY Solar Water Heater Installation Guide (online)

DIY Wind Turbine Project

E-Quest Energy Simulation Tool

Earth for Energy DIY Solar

EcoSense House (Vancouver Island, Canada)

EcoSense House PhotoStream

Electric Load Estimate Worksheet

Fuel Comparison Calculator

Green Living Guy Blog

Heat Gain and Loss Short Form Calculator

Home Energy Saver

Home Heat Loss Calculator (USA)

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need Calculator?

How To Design & Build An Energy Efficient House (e book)

I Love Cob!

In My Backyard (USA)

Landscape Calculators

Living Off the Grid (USA)

Louver Shading Tool

NASA World Wind Tool

National Climatic Data Center (USA)

Off-Grid Energy System Size Calculator

Panel Shading Visualization Tool

Parabola Drawing Tool for Solar Cooker

PGE Smart Energy Analyzer

Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator

Planning Tree Windbreaks (Missouri, USA)

PV WATTs Version 2

R-Values Table for Materials

Rainwater Calculator Tankulator (Australia)

Rainwater Collection System Sizing

Rainwater Harvesting Calculator (Seattle WA)

RETScreen Clean Energy Analysis Software

Roanakh Designs for Solar Electricity

ROI Analysis for SOLR Roofing Panels (FREE)

Roof Ray Solar Potential Calculator

Shadows (free for basic level)

Sizing Solar Pool Heaters (Florida, USA)

SketchUp (Free)

SkyCalc Software Tool for Skylighting

Small Wind Toolbox

Sol Path Sun Path Calculator

Solar Analysis Widget (USA)

Solar Array Size Calculator

Solar Battery Bank Designer

Solar Calculator (USA)

Solar Collector Design Program

Solar Cookers Compared

Solar Cost Calculator

Solar Design Tool for Grid-Tie Systems

Solar Energy System Sizing Estimator

Solar Haven

Solar Hot Water Batch Collector

Solar Panel Shading Calculator

Solar Position Calculator

Solar Power For Your Home by David Findley- Green Guru Guides

Solar Power Rating Map (USA)

Solar ROI Calculator

Solar Savings Calculator for Residential (USA)

Solar Site Survey (USA)

Solar Sizer

Solar Water Heater Calculator

Solar Water Heater Software

Solar Water Heating Calculator

SolPath Tool


Sun Angle Tool

Sun Position Tool

Sundi (Germany)


SunPower Estimator (USA)


Sunrise/Sunset Calculator (USA)

Sustainability Toolkit (Free, Online)

Tiny House Design Blog

Vertical Fin Shading Tool

Wind Estimator (USA)

Wind Project Calculator (USA)

Wind Turbine Software

Wind Yield Estimation Tool (UK)

WindCast Forecasting Tool

Window Heat Gain Calculator

Window Overhang Analysis Tool

Wire Size Calculator

Your Green Dream Blog