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Solar Architecture and Green Building

Document Resources

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  2010 Environmental Performance Index Report

©2010 Yale University


  2012 Environmental Performance Index

©2012 Yale University


  2016 Environmental Performance Index Report

©2016 Yale


  360 Time Rotating Building Dubai

©2006 Glenn Howells Architects


  55+ Housing: Builders, Buyers and Beyond Report

©2009 NAHB / Met Life


  A Better Way to Rate Green Buildings

©Marc Henry Gifford and Fine Homebuilding Magazine


  A Guide to Community Solar 2010

©2010 USDOE


  A Path to Sustainable Energy by 2030

©2009 Scientific American/Mark Z. Jacobson and Mark A. D


  A Retrofitted Passive Solar Home by MOTHER EARTH NEWS 1980

©1980 Mother Earth News


  A Straw Bale Bunkhouse for a Sustainable Farm

©2001 Jan Scilipati


  A Thousand Cuts Article by Fracesca Lyman NOV 2008

©2008 Francesca Lyman / Parks and Recreation Magazine


  A Tracking Solar Cooker by Alan Nichols

©1993 Alan Nichols


  A Water Wall Solar Design Manual

©2005 David Bainbridge


  Achieving Water Independence in Buildings 2009

©2009 Central City Concern


  Active House Specification 2011


  Advanced Solar and Sustainable Housing Renovation

©2010 IEA / SHC


  Advanced Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems

©1995 IEA


  Advanced Wall Framing Explained

©2000 Energy Star USDOE


  Affordable Green Home Upgrades JAN 2015

©2015 Tim Smith / Modernize.com


  Affordable Solar Hot Water Heating


  Alcatel Cell Sites Article 2009

©2009 Penton Media / Kevin Fitchard


  Alcatraz Island Report 2010

©2010 National Parks Conservation Association


  Alcatraz Solar Isn't for Birds Article AUGUST 2012

©2012 EarthTechling


  Alpha Ventus Wind Farm Book

©2011 Alpha Ventus


  Alternative Energy Systems in Building Design ebook 2010

©2010 McGraw Hill / Peter Gevorkian


  America's Biggest Polluters Report 2007

©2009 Environment Oregon


  Amsterdam Solar Bike Path article 2014

©2014 Renewable Energy World / Katharine J. Tobal,


  An Appalachian House: The Design and Analysis of a Passive Solar Home

©1999 Robin Rogers


  An Open Letter to (Wind) Inventors) by Mick Sagrillo

©2008 Mick Sagrillo / Windletter AWEA


  Animal Foundation AIA Green Entry 2006

©2006 The Animal Foundation


  Annual Report 2008 Utility-Scale PV Power Plants

©2009 PVresources, authors Dan Lenardic and Rolf Hug


  Appraising into the Sun 2015


  Architectural Plan Abbreviations

©2015 Triton


  Architecture Floor Plan Abbreviations and Symbols (Australia)

©2015 Build.com


  Architecture of the Essential by Juhani Pallasmaa

©2000 Juhani Pallasmaa


  Arcosanti NYT Article February 2012

©2012 New York Times / MICHAEL TORTORELLO


  Arizona Western College Solar InfoSheet MAY 2011

©2011 Arizona Western College


  Art Tec Microinverter Article 2012

©2010 Home Power Magazine


  Art Tec Solar Heat in Maine Article 2002

©2002 Home Power Magazine


  Art Tec Solar Heat Upgrade Article 2007

©2007 Home Power Magazine


  As the World Warms by Francesca Lyman 1984

©1984 Environmental Action / Francesca Lyman


  Aspen Base Village Greening Editorial

Pat O’Donnell/Paul Shepherd


  Assess Your Site's Renewable Energy Potential Fact Sheet (Wisconsin)

©2008 Wisconsin Focus on Energy


  Assessment of daylight quality in simple rooms

©2006 Danish Building Research Institute


  Assessment of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Integration with ISO/RTO Systems USA 2010

©2010 ISO/RTO Council


  Aurora Colorado Solar Case Study AUGUST 2012

©2012 USDOE


  AustriaHaus Brochure (in German)

©2010 Austria Passive House Group


  Balcony Solar Cooker

©2011 Ajay Chandak


  BaleHaus Passive Home Data Sheet (UK)

©2009 Passive House Solutions UK


  Ballard Library Environmental Features

©2006 Seattle Public Library


  Batch Solar Water Heater Manual

©2001 Solar Energy Association of Oregon


  Batteries for Efficient Energy Extraction from a Water Salinity Difference

©2011 American Chemical Society


  BedZed Fact Sheet

©2010 BioRegional Development


  Bethesda Magazine Extreme Green Homes 2009

©2009 Bethesda Magazine / Louisa Jaggar


  Bibliographic Search on the Potential of Earth Tubes

©2007 Didier Thevenard, Ph.D., P.Eng


  Bingham Ridge Solar Plan

©2010 Silverwood


  Bingham Ridge Solar Plan2

©2010 Silverwood


  Bingham Ridge Solar Plan3

©2010 Silverwood


  Bingham Ridge Solar Plan4

©2010 Silverwood


  Bio-Dome AKA Poo-Gloo Report to Utah

©2011 Wastewater Compliance Systems


  BioDome Info Sheet

©2011 Wastewater Compliance Systems


  BioDome Product Specification Sheet

©2011 Wastewater Compliance Systems


  Biofilters Oregon 2003

©2003 Oregon DEQ


  Bjerringbro 2010 Catalogue

©2010 Naturvidenskabernes Hus


  Bjerringbro Brochure (in Danish)

©2010 Naturvidenskabernes Hus


  Bladeless Wind Turbine US Patent


  Boomers in the Middle Study 2010 (USA)

©2010 Met Life Mature Market


  Bosarge Family Ed Center Fact Sheet

©2011 Fore Solutions


  Bosarge Family Ed center LEED Checklist 2009

©2009 USGBC Maine Chapter


  Breadbox Solar Water Heater

©2010 Maine Solar Energy Association


  BREEAM Technical Manual New Construction 2011

©2011 BRE



©2006 BREEAM


  Bridge Housing Case Study (California, USA)

©2009 Energy Design Resources


  Brikawood Brochure in FRENCH

©2017 Brikawood


  Brikawood Plan

©2017 Brikawood


  Build a Buckyball Activity

©2012 Schlumberger Limited


  Build a Solar Water Heater Activity

©2012 Schlumberger Limited


  Build Your Own Batch Solar Water Heater

©1994 Florida Solar Energy Center


  Build Yourself a Mongolian Yurt

©2007 David Buzz


  Builders Field Guide to Washington State Energy Code 2007

©2008 WSU


  Building a Mongolian Yurt

©2010 Ogami Akira


  Building America Best Practices Mixed Humid Climates (USA)


  Building America Best Practices Very Cold Climates (USA)


  Building Communities with Farms 2010

©2010 The Liberty Prairie Foundation


  Building Integrated Photovoltaic Designs for Commercial and Institutional Structures 2000

©2000 NREL


  Building Minds, Minding Buildings Roadmap for Green Schools

©2008 American Federation of Teachers


  Building Rating Certification Report SEPT 2009

©2009 National Institute of Building Sciences


  Building with Tire Bales

©2005 ITS / Leonard Jones


  Bullitt CCSDC Energy Performance Report JUNE 2011

©2011 Bullitt Foundation


  Bullitt Center As Built Product List JANUARY 2014

©2014 Bullitt Foundation


  Bullitt Center Bulk Airflow Analysis OCT 2011

©2011 Tim Elley


  Bullitt Center Code Innovation

©2013 NW Ecobuilding Guild


  Bullitt Center Composting Toilet Case Study

©2013 King County


  Bullitt Center Daylighting

©2013 Gardiner and Pena


  Bullitt Center Greenest Building Article JAN 2013

©2013 FastCoexist


  Bullitt Center Irresistable Stairs

©2013 Business Week / Caroline Winter


  Bullitt Center PV Orientation Analysis by Rob Pena

©2014 Rob Pena


  Business Case for Sustainable Design in Federal Facilities

©Augu Federal Energy Management Program


  CALGreen Non-Residential Green Bldg Code 2010

©2010 California Building Standards Commission


  CALGreen Non-Residential Green Bldg Mandatory Checklist 2011

©2011 CalGreen


  California Green Jobs Report 1995 to 2008

©2010 Next 10


  California Solar Rights Act Review

©2007 Energy policy Initiatives Center


  CalRenew1 Fact Sheet

©2010 CleanTech America


  Cambria Building Pennsylvania Energy Analysis NREL 2005

©2005 NREL


  Can Nanotechnology Be Green Lecture 2006

©2006 National Institute for Materials Science


  Capitol Hill Solar Home Case Study (Seattle, WA, USA)

©2005 City of Seattle


  Carbon Footprint of Water 2009

©2009 The River Network


  Cascadia Comunity College Green Building Article 2007

©2007 Robin Rogers / DJC


  Case Study Fairfield Housing (Scotland)

©2009 Sustainable Housing Design Guide for Scotland


  Case Study Multifamily Housing (Scotland)

©2009 Sustainable Housing Design Guide for Scotland


  CEED Center for Energy Efficient Design Presentation PPT

©2010 Richardson Sigmon


  CEED Passive House School Article - GMC Magazine MAY 2011

©2011 Green Mechanical Contractor


  Certainteed AirRenew Gypsum Board Brochure 2013

©2013 Certainteed


  Challenges and Opportunities to Green Nanotechnologies 2009

©2009 EEB / EU


  Challenges of Designing and Building a Net Zero Energy Home in a Cold High-Latitude Climate

©2008 Mark Brostrom and Gordon Howell


  Characteristics and Benefits of Green Roofs Paper 2006

©2006 Jan Voelz


  Cheapeake Bay Foundation HQ Energy Performance Analysis NREL 2005

©2005 NREL


  Chenequa Residence Case Study

©2012 Robert Harvey Oshatz Architects


  Chesapeake Bay Foundation Article 2007 Eco-Structure

©2007 EcoStructure Magazine


  Chesapeake Bay Foundation Case Study NREL

©2002 NREL


  Chesapeake Bay Foundation Human Factors Evaluation

©2005 Heerwagen and Zagreus / U.S. Department of Energy


  Chesapeake Bay Foundation Lighting Case Study

©2010 Watt Stopper


  Chesapeake Bay Foundation SIPs

©2003 EPS


  CIS Case Study

©2012 Solar Century


  Cistern Design for Large Rainwater Harvest 2011

©2011 Kowalsky and Thomason / Contech


  Civano II Plat



  CK Choi Building - Process Makes the Product

©1998 University of British Columbia


  CK Choi Building Case Study

©1996 Ian Peterse


  CK Choi Case Study USGBC

©2000 Cacscadia GBC


  Clean Energy Trends 2009

Clean Edge 2009


  Clif Bar Solar Press Release OCT 2010

©2010 Clif Bar


  Cliff House Designed by Norman Saunders

©1983 William Shurcliff and Brick House Publishing


  Climate Responsive Architecture of Tabriz Iran 2007

©2007 M Singery / University Iran


  Climate Specific Passive House Standards Report DRAFT January 2015

©2015 Building America


  Climate-Based Daylight Analysis for Residential Buildings

©2009 John Mardaljevic/ Institute of Energy and Sustaina


  Climates of the World Temp and Precip

©1991 NOAA


  CO2 Capture and Storage Roadmap DEC 2010

©2010 USDOE


  Cob Construction Article Jan 2000

©2000 John Fordice / Building Standards Magazine


  Code Green Article OCT 2013

©2013 Bryn Nelson


  Code Report 2009 (North America)

©2009 Cascadia Region Green Building Council/David Eisen


  Cola Plants in Transition: An Economic Case Study

©2010 Natural Capital Solutions


  Colorado Creative Home Article 2007

©2007 Natural Home / Laurel Kallenbach


  Colorado EV Group Purchase Plan Evaluation MARCH 2016

©2016 SWEEP


  Combined Heat and Power and District Heating and Cooling Paper 2007

©2007 Priscilla Ulloa


  Combined Heat and Power for Data Centers

©2008 USEPA


  Commercial Building Tax Credit MARCH 2011 (USA)


  Common Definition of Zero Energy Buildings USDOE Sept 2015

©2015 USDOE


  Community Solar Securities Law Issues NREL 2009

©2009 Stoel Rives / NREL


  Community Wind Guidebook for Oregon USA

©2010 Energy Trust Oregon / NW SEED


  Comparative Evaluation of Four Daylighting Software Programs

©2009 M. Susan Ubbelohde, University of California, Berk


  Composting Yard Trimmings and Municipal Solid Waste



  Compression load testing straw bale walls

©2004 Peter Walker, Dept. Architecture & Civil Engineeri


  Concentrated Solar Thermal Power - Now



  Concentrating Solar Power for Desalination Report 2007

©2007 German Aerospace Center


  Concentrating Solar Power Global Market Initiative 2004

©2004 CSP Global Market Initiative


  Concordia University Solar Thermal and Electricty Generation Report

©2009 Solar Building Research Network


  Concordia University Solar Thermal Case Study (Canada)

©2009 Consrval Engineering


  Concrete Mass Plus High Efficiency HVAC Article

©2010 Builder and Designer


  Constructed Wetlands

©1991 Alabama Extension


  Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment Case Studies 1993

©1993 USEPA


  Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment White Paper 2010

©2010 Jan Vymazal


  Constructed Wetlands Treatment of Municpal Waters 2000

©2000 USEPA


  Constructed Wetlands v1.6 Virginia DCR

©2009 DCR Virginia


  Construction and Installation of Homemade Solar Water Heater

©2008 Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center


  Construction of a Yurt

©2010 Monica Cellio


  Consumer's Guide to Renewable Energy in Arkansas

©2008 Arkansas


  Consumptive Water Use for Power Production in US 2003

©2003 NREL


  Contribution of Photovoltaics to Commercial Loads

©2007 M. Watt/University of New South Wales


  Cool and Green Roofing Manual NYC 2007

©2007 New York City


  Cool Daylighting Design Approach Workbook Schools

©2000 The Energy Center of Wisconsin


  Cool Idea: Using Ice to Chill Building in NYC

©2007 Treehugger


  Cool Roof Case Study Arizona 2009

©2010 Onset / Chris Walker of RoofPal Services


  Cool Roof Case Study Arizona 2009 Starkweather Roofing

©2009 Starkweather Roofing


  Cool Roof Some Like It Hot Article Western Roofing 2009

©2009 Western Roofing magazine


  Cool Roofs and Photovoltaics Article 2011

©2011 FMJ Online


  Cool Roofs Compendium

©2006 USEPA


  Cool Roofs Presentation

©2010 Will Maddux / IB Roof Systems


  Costing Sustainability 2005 (UK)

©2005 BRE


  Costs and Benefits of Green Affordable Housing STUDY 2005

©2005 New Ecology


  Council house 2 article

©2008 Will Jones / Building


  Creating and Implementing Your Community Solar Plan

©2012 Solar Minnesota


  CSL Architectural Engineering Thesis by Josh Wentz 2012

©2012 Josh Wentz


  CSL Technical Report 1 by Daniel Zartman

©2011 Daniel Zartman


  CSL Technical Report 2 by Daniel Zartman

©2011 Daniel Zartman


  CSL Technical Report 3 by Daniel Zartman

©2011 Daniel Zartman


  CSP Linear Mirror White Paper 2011

©2011 H. Grassmann


  CSU Green University IT Case Study April 2011

©2011 Hewlett Packard


  Data Center Energy efficiency Best Practices 2012

©2012 Patrick Costello and Roshni Rathi


  Data Center Heat Recovery Helps Intel

©2007 Intel


  Data Center Heat Recovery Models

©2013 Paul Brenner / University of Notre Dame


  Data Centers that Recycle Waste Heat

©2014 Data Center Knowledge


  Daylighting and Urban Form Paper

©2010 Mark Dekay


  Daylighting Retail Spaces

©June National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USDOE)


  Daylighting Using Tubular Light Guide Systems Thesis 2003

©2003 Joe Callow


  Deciding on Energy Priorities When Building New

©2009 John Straube/ Building Science Insight


  Defining Renewable article 2010

©2010 Carl Stein / Renewable Energy World NA


  Desalination Solar Powered Plant Australia Article 2007

©2007 ECOS


  Desalination with Large-Scale Solar White Paper 2004

©2004 Alan Williams


  Desert Living Center Lighting Case Study

©2007 Kelsie Fowler


  Desertec - Solar Power from the Desert

©2007 Ralph Hug/Solar Server


  Desertec Red Paper

©2009 Desertec Foundation


  Design and Construction of a Solar Water Purification System Using Ultraviolet Radiation 2014

©2014 Bryan Wilson


  Design for Deconstruction (City of Seattle)

©2008 City of Seattle


  Design for Deconstruction EPA

©2009 Scott Shell / U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


  Design for Disassembly Guide (Seattle)

©2006 King County Washington USA


  Design of a 240 MW Solar Thermal Power Plant

©2004 D,. Mills and G. L. Morrison/University of Sydney,


  Design of Commercial Solar Updraft Tower Systems

©2003 Schlaich Bergermann & Partner


  Designing For Solar: What Every Architect Should Know

©2010 Rebecca Firestone


  Designing the Zero Energy House (Bethesda, Maryland, USA)

©2011 Meditch Murphy Architects


  Designing Your Home to Survive Wildfires

©2014 Murray Milne / UCLA


  Do It Yourself Home Energy Audit

©2009 City of Seattle


  Dockside Green Article AUG 2011

©2011 Kaid Benfield / The Atlantic Magazine


  Dockside Green Design Guidelines

©2005 Vancity


  Dockside Green Green Initiatives

©2008 Vancity


  Dockside Green Sustainability Report 2008

©2008 Vancity


  Dockside Green Water Systems PPT

©2011 Vancity


  Does Green Pay Off?

©2008 CoStar


  Doing Well by Doing Good

©2009 Eichholtz, Piet, Kok, Nils, & Quigley, John M./UC


  Domestic Solar Water Heaters for Developing Countries

©2007 Ashok Gadgil / UCB


  Drake Landing Solar Community Early Results

©2007 CANMET Energy Technology Center


  Druk White Lotus School Case Study

©2010 Arup


  Druk White Lotus School Composting Toilet Comics

©2010 BaSiC Initiative / Druk White Lotus School


  Druk White Lotus School PBS Essay

©2010 PBS


  E-Retrofit Passive House Report

©2009 Energieinstitut Vorarlberg,


  Earth Centre Doncaster Historical Article 2010

©2010 Sheffield / Indy Media


  Earth Centre Project Description

©2001 European Academy of the Urban Environment


  Earth Centre Site Fact Sheet

©2010 Grant Associates


  Earthship Hype and Earthship Reality MAY 2014

©2014 Martin Holladay / Green Building Advisor


  East Portland Community Aquatic Center Article PBJ 2008

©2008 Portland Business Journal


  East Portland Community Aquatic Center Fact Sheet

©2010 Interface Engineering


  Eastern Washington Low Impact Development 2013

©2013 WA Department of Ecology


  EcoDistrict Protocol Guide V1

©2016 EcoDistricts


  EcoMod Modular Home by EcoCraft 2016

©2016 Pittsburgh Magazine


  Economic Impacts from Promotion of Renewables GERMANY 2009

©2009 Rheinisch-Westfalisches Institut fur Wirtschaftsfo


  EcoSense House Article Harrowsmith JUNE 2010

©2010 Tom Cruickshank / Harrowsmith Country Life Magazin


  EcoSense House Brochure 2008

©2008 Ann and Gord Baird


  EcoSense House Costs

©2009 Ann and Gord Baird


  EcoSense House Info Sheet

©2010 Ann and Gord Baird


  EcoSoul (Book by Suzanne Drake)

©2013 Suzanne Drake


  Eden Project: Making of the Structural Domes

©2001 GmbH & Co.


  Edmonds WA Solar Cooperative FAQs

©2012 Edmonds WA Community Solar Cooperative


  Eielson Visitor Center Denali Fact Sheet

©2008 USNPS


  Eielson Visitor Center Environmental Assessment

©2004 USNPS


  Eko Kuca Financial and Energy Savings Calculation Report 1994

©1994 Veljko Milkovic


  Ellensburg Community Solar Project (Washington State, USA)

©2008 Sustainability Foundation


  Ellensburg WA Community Solar Array Installed Costs 2010

©2010 City of Ellensburg


  Ellensburg WA Community Solar Executive Summary

©2011 City of Ellensburg


  Ellensburg WA Renewable Energy Park Site Map April 2011

©2011 City of Ellensburg


  Ellis Residence Features

©2011 Coates Design


  Ellis Residence Interior Decorating

©2011 All in the Details


  Emerging Trends in US Solar Market NOVEMBER 2009


  Energy Audit Basics (USA)

©2010 Solaripedia


  Energy Audit Report Example (Seattle, Washington, USA)

©2009 Fred Mitchell/Energy EcoStrategies


  Energy Audit Workbook Washington State

©2003 WSU


  Energy Auditor Checklist (Washington State, USA)

©2003 WSU


  Energy Consumption of Commercial HVAC Systems DoE Report 2002

©2002 USDOE


  Energy Dashboard White Paper

©2009 University of california / Agarwal, et al


  Energy Efficiency Guidebook for Public Power Communities

Energy Center of Wisconsin


  Energy Efficient Solar Ice Maker White Paper

©2012 K. Sumathy


  Energy Intelligent Guidebook EU

©2010 EU-project EI-education


  Energy Performance of LEED for New Construction Buildings Final Report 2008

©2008 New Buildings Institute


  Energy Recovery Ventilators in Cold Climates 2014

©2014 Cold Climate Housing Research Center


  Energy Star Insulation R-Values

©2011 Lawrence berekely Laboratory


  Energy Star Renewable OnSite Energy FAQs 2009

©2009 USDOE


  Enertia Heats and Cools



  Enertia How It Works



  Enertia Performance



  Engineering Evaluation of Earth-Filled Tire Construction

©1990 Buckhorn Geotech


  Environment and the Master Builders Association Article

©2005 Robin Rogers and Allison Butcher / MBA Magazine


  Environmental Psychology of Shopping Article 2007

©2007 Kathleen Wolf / Research Review


  Enzo Ferrari Museum Case Study

©2012 Enzo Fearrari Casa Museo


  Evaluating the Feasibility of a Large-Scale Wind, Water, and Sun Energy Infrastructure

©2009 Mark Z. Jacobson and Mark A. Delucchi


  Evaluation of Shared Lane Markings 2010

©2010 FHWA


  Evergreen State College Campus Map

©2011 Evergreen State College


  Fair Transmission Access for Wind

American Wind Energy Association


  Feasibility of PV Systems Texas Fact Sheet

©2010 Infinite Power


  Feed In Tariff Proposed Law Document (USA)

©2007 World Future Council


  Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Energy in the USA 2008

©2008 Wilson Rickerson, Florian Bennhold, and James Brad


  Fewer Emitters, Lower Emissions, Less Cost White Paper

©2009 Thomas Wire / London School of Economics


  Finca Rosa Blanca Site Map

©2016 Finca Rosa Blanca


  Finca Rosa Blanca Site Map


  Finding True South

©2009 Home Power Magazine


  Fire Resistance of Timber Structures NIST 2014

©2014 NIST


  First Step Passive House Design


  Florida Solar Rights Law Flyer



  Fly Ash White Paper 2011

©2011 Perkins Wills Architects


  Forest EcoCentre (Australia)

©2003 Forest EcoCentre


  Fostering Renewable Electricy Markets in North America

©2007 Commission for Environmental Cooperation


  Francesca Lyman Profile

©1990 Review Press


  Francesca Lyman Speaks on Ecology Article

©1994 Francesca Lyman


  Freeing the Grid Report 2009 (USA)

©2009 Network for New Energy Choices


  Frog Pond Farm Article APRIL 2010 Sammamish Review

©2010 Sammamish Review / J.B. Wogan


  From Vacancy to Vibrancy

©2012 Smart Growth America


  Funding for Research Advancing High-Performance Green Building

©2007 USGBC Research Committee


  Gardens by the Bay Greenhouse Engineering by Atelier Ten

©2013 Atelier Ten / Patrick Bellew


  Gardens by the Bay Structural Award Submission

©2012 Atelier One


  Gardens by the Bay Structural Steel Award 2013

©2013 Atelier One


  Genzyme Center Article Architecture Mag Aug 2006

©2006 Architecture Magazine


  Genzyme Center Case Study 2005


  Genzyme Center Case Study by Architect Behnisch



  Genzyme Center Fact Sheet

©2003 Genzyme


  Genzyme Electrical Fact Sheet

©2007 TAC


  Genzyme Green Building Features

©2004 City of Cambridge MA


  Geography of Breast Cancer Article

©2006 Ms Magazine / Francesca Lyman


  GeoPave Overview Brochure

©2016 GeoChem


  Geos Annual Energy Performance

©2010 Sustainably Built


  Geos Neighborhood Energy Fact Sheet

©2010 Geos Development


  Geos Neighborhood Fact Sheet

©2010 Geos Development


  Geos Nieghborhood Master Plan

©2010 Geos Development


  Geos Zero Energy Meets New Urbanism article

©2007 Boulder Green Building Journal


  Geos Zero Net Energy Neighborhood

©2009 David Kahn Studio


  Geothermal Heat Pump Manual NYC

©2011 New York City


  Germany Sets Example for Feed-In Tariffs

©2007 Guardian


  Gingkoes, Lagoons and Lanterns: Once and Future Cities

©1994 Francesca Lyman / Orion Magazine


  Glazing Design Brief

©2009 Energy Design Resources


  Global Energy Article from American Scientist JUNE 2011

©2011 Vaclav Smil / American Scientist


  Global Exergy Resources Chart

©2007 Global Climate and Energy Project at Stanford Univ


  GO Home Green to the Extreme Article SEPT 2011

©2009 Portland Press Herald


  GO Home Passive Pioneers Article by MaineBiz Magazine OCT 2011

©2011 MaineBiz Magazine


  Going Green at the Beach Article from ED+C

©Janu Robin Rogers/Environmental Design and Construction


  Going Green at the Beach ED+C (Washington State, USA)

©Janu Robin Rogers / Environmental Design and Constructi


  Going Green at the Beach Project Reference Guide

©2008 Porterworks


  Going Solar in America JANUARY 2015

©2015 North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center


  Grants Map 2009 (USA)

©2009 DSIRE


  Great River Energy Brochure

©2010 Great River Energy


  Great River Energy Cleaning Case Study

©2008 Harvard Maintenance


  Great River Energy Data Domain Case Study

©2010 Data Domain


  Great River Energy Fire Damper Case Study

©2010 Greenheck Fan Corp.


  Great River Energy White Paper LEED Platinum

©2009 Great River Energy


  Great Transitions

©2002 Stockholm Environment Institute


  Green Affordable Housing 2008

©2008 Center for American Progress


  Green and Save Comparison (USA)

©2009 Green and Save


  Green Architecture Guide

©2009 Andrea Brennen and Zachary Lamb


  Green Building (LEED) Market and Impact Report 2009

©2009 Rob Watson/Greener Buildings


  Green Building Certification System Review MARCH 2012

©2012 USDOE


  Green Building Guidelines for Home Remodeling (California, USA)

©2008 Alameda County, CA


  Green Buildings and Productivity Study Report 2009

©2009 University of San Diego/CBRE


  Green Built Home Remodeling Checklist

©2009 Wisconisn Environmental Initiative


  Green from the Ground Up Article by Robin Rogers 2003

©2003 Robin Rogers / Master Builder Magazine


  Green Furnishings Article 2006

©2006 Robin Rogers / Building Edge Magazine


  Green Globes vs LEED Credit Comparison 2008

©2008 Oklahoma State University


  Green Growth Fuels Industry Article NOV 2012

©2012 Thomas Frank / USA TODAY


  Green Home at Suncadia 2006

©2006 Robin Rogers / EcoStructure Magazine


  Green Home Buyer's Guide Checklist


  Green Home Remodel Top Ten (USA)

©2009 Solaripedia


  Green Home Remodeling Guide Checklist


  Green Insfrastructure Arid Climates EPA 2010

©2010 USEPA


  Green Jobs: The European Experience APRIL 2011

©2011 Frontier Centre for Public Policy / Kenneth Green


  Green Nanotechnology 2007

©2007 Karen Schmidt / Pew Charitable Trust


  Green Nanotechnology in Nordic Construction 2010

©2010 Nordic Innovation Centre


  Green Pages Northwest Ecobuilding Guild 2009 (USA)


  Green plus Productive Workplace Slides JLL

©2016 Jones Lang LaSalle


  Green Power Super Highways Paper 2009

©2009 AWEA and SEIA


  Green Power Transmission and Consumer Savings 2009

©2009 AWEA


  Green Remodel Checklist MN GreenStar 2.0

©2009 Minnesota GreenStar


  Green Remodeling Guide (Central Washington, USA)

©2008 Cenrtal Washington Built Green Association


  Green Remodeling Guide Portland (Oregon, USA)

©2008 City of Portland


  Green Remodeling Links and Resources for Residential (USA)


  Green Remodeling Workbook (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)

©2008 City of Scottsdale


  Green Roofs Resource Manual for Municipal Policy Makers (Canada)

©2006 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation


  Green Schools Checklist EPA

©2003 Us Environmental Protection Agency


  Green Star Energy Calculator Guide (Companion to GS Residential Energy Benchmarking)

©2008 Green Star Australia


  Green Transit article from Urban Land 2006

©2006 Robin Rogers / Urban Land Magazine


  Greenhouse Effect on Three Morris-Nunn Projects

Lindsay Johnston


  Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Tracking in Portfolio Manager 2009

©2009 USDOE


  Greenhouse Trap Review NYT

©1990 New York Times Book Review


  Greening the Data Center

©2010 Green IT


  Greening the White House (USA)

William D. Browning, and Dianna Lopez Barnett, Roc


  Greening Transportation Article 2006

©2006 Robin Rogers / EcoStructure Magazine


  Greywater Systems Chart Comparison


  Guide to 286 Green Colleges 2010 2011

©2010 Prinseton Review


  Guide to Adding Solar to Your House (Montana)



  Guide to Better Public Toilet Design and Maintenance

©2014 Restroom Association of Singapore


  Guide to Community Shared Solar (USA)

©2012 NREL


  Guide to Community Shared Solar: Utility, Private, and Non-profit Project Development

©2012 USDOE


  Guide to Installing a Solar Electric System Seattle 2009

©2009 City of Seattle


  Guide to Selecting Windows from DOE (USA)


  Guide to Use of Lime in Historic Buildings

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