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Solar Architecture and Green Building

Passive Resources

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Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies


An Appalachian House (Virginia, USA)

Anastasio Design (California, USA)

Arizona National Guard Eco-Building Video

Austrian Passive House Group

Awnshade Software

Biomimicry in Architecture, Integrating Technology with Nature

Build It Solar

Building Evolution (Canada)

Built Passive House Projects Database

Capita Symonds

Chhaya 2.0

Climate Consultant

CO2 Saver House (Poland)

Coatesville Passive Solar House in Rodney, North Auckland, New Zealand

Daylighting Collaborative (Wisconsin, USA)

Defining Renewable Article

Degree Day Charts - Free

EcoSense House (Vancouver Island, Canada)

EcoSense House PhotoStream

ED MAZRIA: Solving Our Energy Crisis Video Link

Elemental Architecture Blog

energie-experten.org (Germany)

Energy Efficiency Done Right

Energy Efficiency Done Right

EnergyWatch Inc.

Enivroscaping to Conserve Energy

Everingham Rotating House (NSW, Australia)

Green Cone Solar Compost Digester

Hemp Powered

InLighten® Light Shelf

Integral Sustainable Design: Transformative Perspectives

Integrated Design Lab (Boise, Idaho, USA)

Integrated Design Lab (Boseman, Montana, USA)

International Passive House Magazine (Global)

Islandwood Slideshow on Flickr

Ivanpah SEGS (California USA)

Le Maison de Demain

Level (New Zealand)

Light Penetration Tool

Light-powered magnetic levitation could create ‘new class’ of solar energy

Lighthouse Zero Energy Home (UK) Video Link

Living Off the Grid (USA)

Long Branch Environmental Education Center (Asheville, North Carolina, USA)

Maine Solar House Website (USA)

Omega Center for Sustainable Living (Rhinebeck, New York, USA)

Online System for Greenbuildings

Pacific Energy Center (San Francisco, California, USA)

Parasol (Sweden)

Passive and Hybrid Downdraught Cooling Systems in Buildings

Passive Cooling (NZ)

Passive Cooling Article

Passive Heating (NZ)

Passive House and Home (Ireland and UK)

Passive House Builders (Ireland)

Passive House Database (Global)

Passive House Retrofit Tool

Passive Solar Building Design

Passive Solar Cooling

Passive Solar Cooling for Hot, Humid Climates Vide

Passive Solar Design Online Design Guidelines

Passive Solar Guidelines

Passive Solar Guidelines for Northern New Mexico (USA)

Passive Solar Heating and Cooling Manual

Passive Solar Home Design

PassivHaus Case Studies (in German)

PassivHaus Osterriech (Austria) in German

Phyllotactic Towers © VERK Studio

Portland Daylighting Lab (Oregon, USA)

Positive Energy (Greece)

Positive Energy Solar (Greece)

Private Residence, Croton-on-Hudson (New York, USA)

Scrap Eater Solar Composter

Seattle Sundial Trail (Washington, USA)

SkyCalc Software Tool for Skylighting

SkyShade Daylighting & Shades (India, UAE, Saudi Arabia)

Sol Path Sun Path Calculator

SolaCalc (UK)

Solaleya Rotating Dome Homes

Solar Energy for Homes

Solar Goes Hyper in the U.S.

Solar Home Plans

Solar Panel Shading Calculator

Solar Power For Your Home by David Findley- Green Guru Guides

Solar Powered Attic Fan

Solar Sun Rings

Solar Umbrella House Video Link

Solar-powered plane lands safely after 26-hour flight

Solarei Contemporary Passive Solar House (New Zealand)

SolPath Tool

StrawBale Farms (Trego, Wisconsin, USA)


Sun Angle Tool

Sun Position Info

Sun, Wind & Light, 3rd edition

Sun, Wind & Light: Architectural Design Strategies 2nd Edition

SunAngle Calculator

SunAngle Professional Suite

Sundi (Germany)


Sundial Cupolas, Towers and Chimneys

Sundial Registry


Sunny John Solar Moldering Toilet

Sunpath Software

Sunrise/Sunset Calculator (USA)

Suntuitive from Pleotint

Sustainable By Design

Sustainable Natural Beauty Article from Design/Build

The Future of Solar (INFOGRAPHIC)

Tree Top Builders (North America)

Utah Passive House (Millcreek, Utah, USA)

Vertical Fin Shading Tool

Window Heat Gain Calculator

Window Overhang Analysis Tool

Window Overhang Design Tool

World of Renewables Forum

Zero Energy Casita (Texas, USA)

Zero Energy Design