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Solar Architecture and Green Building

Residential Resources

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MYSUN Solar Calculator (India)

100 Percent Solar Powered House (UK) Video Link

1BOG - One Block Off Grid (USA)

AirRenew Gypsum Board by CertainTeed Gypsum


An Appalachian House (Virginia, USA)

Appalachian Solar Showdown (USA)

APPER Solaire (France)

Architecture and Hygiene (USA)

Art Tec DIY in Maine (USA)

Austrian Passive House Group

BB Brown Residence (Florida, USA)

Bin Dasmal Doors (UAE)

Bjarke Ingels PodCast on The Mountain

Bob's Solar Project Blog (Michigan USA)

BrightBuilt Barn Plans Set

BrightBuilt Barn Website

Building a Low Impact Roundhouse (Google Online Book)

Building Energy Asset Score (USA)

Building Evolution (Canada)

California Fence Company (Orange County, California, USA)

Capita Symonds

Cargotecture HIVE Houston

Catherine Mohr Builds Green Video Link

Chain of Eco-Homes Competition (USA)

CitizenRE REnu

CO2 Saver House (Poland)

Coates Design Architects (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Coatesville Passive Solar House in Rodney, North Auckland, New Zealand

Colorado Solar Panel Installers

Community Housing Partners (Southeast USA)


Container Bay Shipping Container Homes Case Studies

Container City (London, UK)

Customer Referral App (GetTheReferral.com) (USA)

Daylighting Collaborative (Wisconsin, USA)

Design/interior health consultant

DIY Wind Turbine Project


Drake Landing Solar Community (Alberta, Canada)

Earthcraft (Southeast USA)

Eco Home Site

Eco Passive House Greece (Blog)

Eco-Home, Indie Budget

EcoFlats Apartments (Portland, Oergon, USA)

EcoSense House (Vancouver Island, Canada)

EcoSense House PhotoStream

EcoSense Living Blog

EERE's Designing or Remodeling a Home Info

energie-experten.org (Germany)

Energy Audit Do-It-Yourself (USA)

Energy Installs (UK)

Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick (USA)

Engensa (UK)

Everingham Rotating House (NSW, Australia)

Eximer Solar Panels Perth

Facts About Solar Power

Find Solar Companies

Fine Homebuilding Mag Blog

FireClay Tile

Five Ways to Decorate Your Garden with Lights for Holidays Article 2015

Geos Zero Net Energy Neighborhood Colorado

Global Solar World (Australia)

Go Solar Power for Homes Blog

Green and Save Home Remodeling (USA)

Green Building

Green Building Advisor (USA)

Green Communities (USA)

Green Cone Solar Compost Digester

Green Harmony Home (Ukraine and USA)

Green Home Remodeling Guide

Green Lending

Green Lending Specialist

GreenLight Solar (Portland, Oregon, USA)


Greentainer Project (Italy)

H2O Conserve Calculator

Hammarby Sjostad Eco-Community (Sweden)

Harmon Solar

Healthy Home Article from ED+C

Healthy Home Plans (for Sale)

Heat Gain and Loss Short Form Calculator

HEED Free Software (USA)

Helio Sustainable Energy Blog

Hemp Powered

HGTV Green Remodeling

Holistic House Plans

Home Energy Efficient Design (HEED)

Home Energy Saver

Home Energy Saving Blog

Home Heat Loss Calculator (USA)

Home Improvement Blog

Home Performance Coalition (USA)

Home Power Magazine

HomeCalc Calculator from Energy Star (USA)

House Made of Hemp CNN Video Link

Houzz Residential Ideas

How To Design & Build An Energy Efficient House (e book)

iHouses Modular with Solar Panels

Inside Queen City EcoVillage Video Link

Integral Sustainable Design: Transformative Perspectives

Iranian Town Carved From Rock Video Link

Joseph Hurley Architects (Washington, USA)

Kandovan Village (Iran)

KB Homes GreenHouse (USA)

Kebony - The New Wood

LandArk Designer Pods Video Link


Le Maison de Demain

Level Pro Foundation Repair (USA)

Lighthouse Zero Energy Home (UK)

Lighthouse Zero Energy Home (UK) Video Link

Listed Green (Global)

Living Home Timelapse Video

Living Homes (USA)

Living Paradigm (Houston, Texas, USA)

Los Vecinos Solar Apartment Building Video Link

Louisville Couple Chooses Sustainable Lifestyle

Louver Shading Tool

Low Impact Woodland Home (Wales)

Maine Solar House Website (USA)

Make It Right Foundation (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Martha Rose Construction (Seattle)

Modern Composting Toilets in Homes

Moosicorn Sustainable Home Blog (Eastern, Washington, USA)

MySolar (USA)

NAHB Green

NAHB National Green Building Awards

NARI Green (USA)

NeuHome Home Improvement Products

Online System for Greenbuildings

Organic Architect (California, USA)

OZ Air and Electrical Contractors

Ozimall Australia

Parasol (Sweden)

Passive and Hybrid Downdraught Cooling Systems in Buildings

Passive House and Home (Ireland and UK)

Passive House Builders (Ireland)

Passive House Database (Global)

Passive House Retrofit Tool

Passive Solar Home Design

PassivHaus Case Studies (in German)

Photovoltaic Power Model Software

Phyllotactic Towers © VERK Studio

Pioneer Solar (Brisbane, Australia)

PorterWorks, Inc.

Poulin Solar (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

Poulin Solar Pro (New Mexico, USA)

Private Residence, Chilmark (Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA)

Private Residence, Croton-on-Hudson (New York, USA)

Prosperity Media (Washington, DC)

PV Solar Panels

R-Value Calculator by Zip Code (USA)

Rainwater Harvesting Calculator (UK)

Ralph O. McMillan and Associates (Washington DC)

ReGreen Residential Remodeling Guidelines (USA)

Remodeling Center by Better Homes and Gardens (USA)

Remodeling Green (USA)


Residential Shipping Container Primer

Rideau Residence Slideshow (Ottowa, Ontario, Canada)

Roanakh Designs for Solar Electricity

Robin Rogers and Rocky Top Living (USA)

Rocky Top Living Community (Yakima, Washington, USA)

Salvaged Houses by Dan Phillips Video Link (Texas, USA)

SaveOnEnergy.com (USA)

Scrap Eater Solar Composter

Seattle Green Remodeling Guides

Shawn Bradley Retired NBA Star Goes Solar

Shift House Blog

Sigora Solar (Virginia, USA)

Skara Brae and Neolithic Orkney by the BBC

Skara Brae Case Study (Scotland)

Skara Brae in Orkney Scotland

SkyShade Daylighting & Shades (India, UAE, Saudi Arabia)

SolaCalc (UK)

Solaleya Rotating Dome Homes

Solar Aid - Fighting Poverty & Climate Change

Solar Analysis Widget (USA)

Solar Calculator (USA)

Solar City Residential Leasing

Solar Economics (California, USA)

Solar Energy for Homes

Solar Energy System Sizing Estimator

Solar Energy Systems

Solar Haven

Solar Home Plans

Solar Pages (UK)

Solar Power For Your Home by David Findley- Green Guru Guides

Solar Powered Lights for Home

Solar Quotes (Australia)

Solar Rating (Canada and USA)

Solar ROI Calculator

Solar Savings Calculator for Residential (USA)

Solar Umbrella House Video Link

SolarCity (USA)

Solarei Contemporary Passive Solar House (New Zealand)

SolarLand (USA)

SolarWind Blog

Steve Weise Company (Washington, USA)

StrawBale Farms (Trego, Wisconsin, USA)

Sun, Wind & Light, 3rd edition

Sun, Wind & Light: Architectural Design Strategies 2nd Edition

Sungazing House in Utah

Sunmetrix Residential Grid Parity Solar Map (USA)

Sunshine Construction (Seattle)

SunTegra Solar Roof Systems

SunTegra Solar Roof Systems

Suntuitive from Pleotint

Sustainable By Design

Sustainable Lawn Seed

Sustainable Natural Beauty Article from Design/Build

Sustainsia (California, USA)

Switching To Solar PV Online Tool (USA)

Talk Solar Panels (UK)

Tall Pines Construction (Utah)

Tesla Energy (California, USA)

Texcon Ready Mix (Houston, Texas, USA)

That Roundhouse (Wales)

The Power of ‘Net-zero’ Thinking Article

The Stellar Solar Blog

Tin Can Cabin (Wisconsin, USA)

Tiny House Design Blog

Tree Top Builders (North America)


USGBC Green Home Guide

Utah Passive House (Millcreek, Utah, USA)

Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center (Serbia)

Verengo Solar (USA)

Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation (San Diego, California, USA)

Water Budgets Water Use Calculator

Water Consumption Calculator

Water Meter Calculator (UK)

Water Usage Calculator (Thames, UK)

Water Use Calculator

Water Use Calculator (Australia)

Water Use Calculator Fair Oaks

Water Use Calculator SWFMD

West 163rd Street Mixed Use Condominium (New York, NY, USA)

William Kamkwamba on Building a Windmill Video Link

Wind Plans

Wind Web Tutorials

Winter Sun Design (Washington, USA)

Wire Size Calculator

Wisconsin Real Estate (USA)

Women's Rights National Historical Park (Seneca Falls, New York, USA)

Zero Energy Casita (Texas, USA)

Zero Energy Plans

Zero Energy Ready Home (USA)

Zero Energy Ready Home (USA)

ZIP Insulation Program (USA)