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Solar Architecture and Green Building

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Apps  ^

Code Green Energy App

Customer Referral App (GetTheReferral.com) (USA)

EasySolar App

EasySolar App

Fieldwire Construction App

Green Building App

Photovoltaic Estimation App

Pyranometer App

Solar Checker App

Solar Friend by Bosch App

Solar Installer App

Solar Meter App

Solar Panel Advisor App

Solar Shading App

Sunny Portal App

Architect/Designer  ^

24h-architecture (Netherlands)

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Agathom Company Architecture (Canada)

Alex Scott Porter Design (New York, USA)

Anastasio Design (California, USA)

Andrew T Boyne Architecture

Andropogon Associates (Philadelphia, USA)

Andropogon Associates (USA)

Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926)

Architecture and Hygiene (USA)

Architecture for Humanity

Arkin Tilt Architects (California, USA)


Assar Architects (Belgium)

Bart Prince (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

Behnisch Architekten (Germany)

Beijing Tonghe Shankzhi Landscape Design (China)

Bercovitz Design Architects (USA)

BIG Architects (Bjarke Ingels Group) (Denmark)

BNIM Architects (USA)

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (USA)

Building Arts Workshop (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Building Evolution (Canada)

Cannon Design (Global)

CB Anderson Architects (Seattle)

CCS Architecture (California, USA)

CMMI Architecture (Atlanta, USA)

Coates Design Architects (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Collaborative Design Studio (Nevada, USA)

Colley Architects (Virginia, USA)

Community Design Assistance Center (Virginia, USA)

Craig Steely Architecture (California, USA))

Croxton Collaborative Architects (New York, USA)

CTA Architects (USA)

David Kahn Studio (Colorado, USA)

David Sundersingh Resume

Dennis Holloway Solar Architect (New Mexico, USA)

DRW Design Build (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Dynamic Architecture


EHDD Architecture (California, USA)

Elemental Architecture LLC (USA)

Emergent Architecture (Los Angeles, USA)

Fanning Howey Architecture Engineering (USA)

Ferraro Choi Architects (Hawaii, USA)

Flansburgh Architects

Form Environment Research Studio

Foster + Partners


Gluck Plus Architects

GO Logic Homes (Maine, USA)

Gordon Clarke Architects (UK)

Grant Associates Landscape Architects (UK and Singapore)

Green Harmony Home (Ukraine and USA)

Grimshaw Architects (UK)

Healthy Home Plans (for Sale)

Hellmuth & Bicknese Architects (Missouri, USA)

Herzog and Partner Architects (Germany)

Hoffman LLC (Wisconsin, USA)

Hofmann Architecture (California, USA)

HOK Architects

Hopkins Architects (UK)

Horden Cherry Lee Architects (UK)

Hubbell and Hubbell

Hundertwasser Architecture

HyBrid Architecture (Seattle, USA)

Imre Makovecz (Hungary)

Information Based Architecture (Netherlands)

iStudio Architects (Washington, D.C., USA)

J. J. Pan & Partners Architects (Taiwan)

Jaisim Fountainhead Architect (India)

James & Kutyla Architecture

James Walter Schildroth (Maine, USA)

Jeff Carbo Landscape Architects (Louisiana, USA)

Jim Burton Architect / Blip Design (Seattle)

JLC Architecture (California, USA)

John M Johnasen Architect (USA)

Joseph Hurley Architects (Washington, USA)

Jurgen Mayer H. Architects

Kaplan Thompson Architects (Maine, USA)

Kappe+Du Architects (California, USA)

Karawitz Architecture

Ken Kellogg Architect (USA)

Kere Architecture (Germany and Burkina Faso)

KieranTimberlake Associates

Kiss + Cathcart, Architects

KMD Architects (San Francsico, California, USA)

LaCroix Design

Lake / Flato Architects (Texas, USA)

LAVA (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) (Australia)

Le Corbusier on Artsy

Lehrer Architects (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Liu Chong Architect (China)

Living Paradigm (Houston, Texas, USA)

Living Shelter Design (Washington, USA)

Lloyd Russell Architect

Louis Sullivan at 150 (USA)

Maderadisegno Arquitectura

Mahlum Architects (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Makovecz Photo Gallery

McGlashan Architecture (Berkeley, California, USA)

Meditch Murphy Architects (Maryland, USA)

Michael Maltzan Architecture (California, USA)

Michael Tavel Architects

Mickey Muennig Architect (California, USA)

Miller Hull Partnership (USA)

Mithun Architects (Seattle, Washington)

MJ O'Brien Architect (USA)

Modern House Architect

Mouzon Design (USA)

Multiplan Arhiteki (Slovenia)

Neenan Archistruction (Colorado, USA)

Nice Architects (Slovakia)

NORD Architects (Denmark)

Noriko Marshall Landscape Architect

Office DA Architects (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

OFIS Architekti (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Olson Kundig Architects (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Open Architecture Network (Global)

Organic Architect (California, USA)

Otak Architecture & Engineering

Page and Beard Architects (Washington State, USA)

Paolo Soleri

Patel Architecture (California, USA)

Piet Oudolf Landscape Architect (The Netherlands)

Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects (Arkansas)

Populous Architects (Global)

Pugh + Scarpa Architects

Push Design (North Carolina, USA)

Randall Stout Architects (California USA)

River Architects (Wisconsin, USA)

Rob Wellington Quigley (California, USA)

Robert Harvey Oshatz (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Robles Arquitectos (Costa Rica)

Rodriguez Associates Architects (San Diego, California, USA)

Root Design Build (Portland, Oregon)

Ross Lovegrove Designer

Scott Simons Architects

Scott Tallon Walker

Sera Architects (Oregon, USA)

Shiro Studio (UK)

Silverwood Solar Homes (North Carolina, USA)

Skidmore Owings & Merrill

SMIT (Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology) (USA)

Smith Group (USA)

Solarei Architecture (New Zealand)

Solarity Architecture (UK)

Structures Design Build (Roanoke, Virginia, USA)

Studio Gang (USA)

Sunbiosis Architecture (Virginia, USA)

Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects (Nevada, USA)

Terry Baxter Potter Architect

The Design Alliance (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Toyo Ito & Associates Architects (Japan)

TR Hamzah and Yeang International (Malaysia)

Vandeventer + Carlander Architects

Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center (Serbia)

VMDO Architects (Virginia, USA)

W3 Architects (California, USA)

Watrous Associates Architects (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

Wilkinson Eyre Architects (UK)

William McDonough + Partners

Winter Sun Design (Washington, USA)

Works Partnership Architecture (Portland, Oregon, USA)

WRNS Studio

Zeck Butler Architects (USA)

ZED Factory (UK)

Zero Energy Design (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects (USA)

Art  ^

Renewable Envoy (Nevada, USA)

Studio Roosegaarde (The Netherlands)

Wildscape Jewelry (USA)

Awards  ^

AIA Top Ten Green Awards (USA)

Cell Awards

Chain of Eco-Homes Competition (USA)

Energy Globe Awards (Global)

Energy Star National Building Challenge 2010

Golden Nugget Awards

Green Awards Ukraine

Heart of Green Awards

Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction

NAHB National Green Building Awards

SHC Solar Award (International)

Solar Decathlon Europe 2010

SolSmart Program (USA)

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC)

Sustainable Energy Europe Awards

The Ecostrip Wins 2007 Green Product Award

Blogs  ^

1BOG - One Block Off Grid Blog (USA)

A Minor Journey Blog

An Architecture Blog

APPER Solaire Forum (France)

Archinect Blog

Architectural Technologies Blog (UK)

Astralux Solar Energy Blog (Colorado)

Autoblog Green

Best Green Blogs

Bill Aston's Seattle Renewable Energy Blog

Bob's Solar Project Blog (Michigan USA)

Boots on the Roof Wind and Solar Blog

China Solar Energy Blog

Clean Techies Blog

CleanTech News Blog


Consilience: The Blog

Container Spaces Blog

Cool Town Studios Blog

Cooler Planet Blog

Crunchy Chicken Bolg

Daily Dose of Architecture Blog

David Nock Blog

Denver Solar Blog (Colorado USA)

DJH Solar Blog

Dot Earth Blog

Earth 2 Tech Blog

Eco Passive House Greece (Blog)

Eco-Intel Blog

Eco-Maven (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Ecoble Blog



EcoSense Living Blog

Eden Project Blog

Edible Schoolyard New York Blog

Elemental Architecture Blog

Energy Blog USDOE

Environmental Graffiti Blog

Ferrari Museum Blog

Fine Homebuilding Mag Blog

Forum Solar (European Union)

Forums at Treehugger & Planet Green

Gas 2.0 Blog

Get Solar Blog

Go Green Solar Blog

Go Solar Power for Homes Blog

Green Architext Blog (USA)

Green Biz Blog

Green Building & Environmental Trends Blog

Green Car Congress Blog

Green Deal Central Blog

Green Land Lady (USA)

Green Lending

Green Living Guy Blog

Green Options

Green Passive Solar Magazine Blog

Green Patent Blog (USA)

Green Vehicle Network

GreenLandLady Blog

Greenway Solar Products Blog

Gunther Portfolio Blog

Helio Sustainable Energy Blog

Helio Sustainable Energy Blog

Home Energy Saving Blog

Home Improvement Blog

Home Improvement Blog


Jetson Green Blog

Knowledge Center Blog

LiveScience Environment Blog

Lumberjocks Blog

Modern Off-Grid Living Blog

Moosicorn Sustainable Home Blog (Eastern, Washington, USA)

Mother Nature Network

National Geographic News

New York Times Green Inc. Blog

Northwest Solar Blog (USA)

Off Grid Survival Blog

Olino Renewable Energy Blog

Original Green Blog

Our World 2.0 Blog

Passive Solar and Daylighting Blog

Path to Zero-Energy Buildings Blog

Peak Energy Blogspot

Photovoltaics International Blogs

Planet Green Blog

Politically Incorrect Solar Blog

PorterWorks Blog

Powered By Solar Panels Blog

Renewable Energy World

Rescue Green Blog

Residential Solar Power Blog

ReThink Green Blog

Reuters Environment Blog

Romania Solar Energy Blog (Romania)

Second Nature Blog (Washington State, USA)

SEPCO Solar Electric Power Company's Blog

Solar Blog (Renewable Energy & Environmental Technology News)

Solar Blog (Renewable Energy World)

Solar Burrito

Solar Churches Blog

Solar Cities Blog

Solar Electricty Basics Blog

Solar Energy Dream Blog

Solar Feeds (International)

Solar Goddess Blog

Solar Hot Blog

Solar Materials Science Blog

Solar Panles Plus Blog

Solar Synergy Blog

Solar Thermal Energy Blog

Solar Today Blog

SolarBotics Blog

SolarScope Film Blog


SolarWind Blog

Space-Based Solar Power Blog

Sun Drum Solar Blog

Sun Powered Dreams Blog

SunBits Solar Blog

SunCal Solar Blog

Sustainable Cities Collective Blog

Sustainable Planet Today (USA)

Tech the Future Blog

The Green Economy Post Blog

The Life of an Architect Blog (USA)

The Oil Drum Blog

The Stellar Solar Blog

Tim Nolan's Blog

Tiny House Design Blog

TreeHugger Blog

Understand Solar Blog

Viking M. Services Video Blog

Vote Solar Blog (USA)

Wall Street Journal Environmental Blog

Watt Watt

We Love the Earth Centre Blog

Whole Solar Blog

Wind Energy Blog

World Changing Blog

World of Building Codes Blog

World of Renewables Forum

Your Green Dream Blog

Books  ^

Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines (Book)

Green Building

Hut-Topia (Book)

Integral Sustainable Design: Transformative Perspectives

Solar Power For Your Home by David Findley- Green Guru Guides

Sun, Wind & Light, 3rd edition

Sun, Wind & Light: Architectural Design Strategies 2nd Edition

Builders  ^

Bensonwood Homes (New England USA)

Blue Ridge Timberwrights (Virginia, USA)

Clarum Homes (California, USA)

Douglas Construction Co. (Portland, Oregon, USA)

EcoCraft Homes (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

GreenTec Eco Homes (Ireland)

Martha Rose Construction (Seattle)

Passive Development Ltd (Ireland, UK)

Passive House Builders (Ireland)

Phoenix Commotion (Texas, USA)

Rammed Earth Works (California, USA)

SunRay Kelly

Tall Pines Construction (Utah)

Tensen Eco Buildings (UK)

Building Methods  ^

Adobe - Wikipedia Entry

Adobe, Pise and Rammed Earth

Advanced Buildings Core Performance Guide (fee-based)

Biomimicry in Architecture, Integrating Technology with Nature

Brikawood Building Blocks (France)

Build an Igloo

Build Your Own Yurt (Free Online Book)

Building a Low Impact Roundhouse (Google Online Book)

Building With Straw Bales

Earth Architecture

Earth Building

Earthship Biotecture


Flexible Form Rammed Earth

Hemp Building

Hemp Powered

How Straw Bale Houses Work

How To Design & Build An Energy Efficient House (e book)

I Love Cob!

Impact of Construction Infographic (UK)

Improving the Thermal Envelope for an Energy Efficient Home

Le Maison de Demain

Level Pro Foundation Repair (USA)

Living Walls (Sweden)

Low Impact Woodland Home (Wales)

More Treehouses on WebUrbanist

Passive Solar Building Design

Rammed Earth Is for Everyone

Re-Use Consulting (USA)

Save Our Treehouse

Stiles Designs for Treehouses

Straw Bale

Straw Bale Construction/Resources/Technical Studies

Straw Bale Home Construction

Straw Bale House Plans

Straw-bale Construction (Wiki)

Straw-bale Construction - Wikipedia


The Green Greenhouse (Massachusetts, USA)

The Power of ‘Net-zero’ Thinking Article

Tiny Green Cabins (USA)

Tree Top Builders (North America)

Treehouse Guide

Treehouse People (Japan)

Treehouse Workshop (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Treehouses on WebUrbanist


Vertical Gardens Slideshow

Wales Institute Construction Materials Website

Building Plans  ^


CIS Tower Solar Skyscraper 3-D Sketchup Model

Council House 2 Website (Melbourne, Australia)

Holistic House Plans

Solar Home Plans

Zero Energy Plans

Building Programs  ^

APS Performance Built Homes

Aspen Efficient Building Program - Colorado

Austin Energy's Green Building Program

BCA Green Mark (Singapore)

BioRegional's One Planet Living Programme

BREEAM International Environmental Assessment for

Build Green Program Kansas City, MO

Build Green Washington

Build San Antonio Green

Building America Program

Building Energy Solutions, Inc.

Built Green Canada (Alberta and British Columbia)

Built Green Central Washington

California Green Building Program

CASBEE (Japan)

Chicago Center for Green Technology

Chula Vista GreenStar Building Efficiency Program

City of Scottsdale Green Building Program

Code for Sustainable Homes (UK)

Deutschen Gesellschaft fur nachhaltiges Bauen (Germany)

E-Star Colorado

Earth Advantage Inc.

EarthCraft Homes

EcoBuild Memphis TN

EcoBuild Program

Energy Star Homes Certification (USA)

Environments for Living

EPA-Indoor Environments Division

Evaluation Standard for Green Buildings (China)

Florida Green Building Coalition

Florida Solar Energy Center

Frisco Green Building Program - Texas

G/Rated - Portland OR

GHBA Green Building Program (Houston)

Grand Rapids, Michigan (HBAGGR)/35 HBAs

Green Building in Alameda County - California

Green Building Index (Malaysia)

Green Building Program - Green Affordable Housing

Green Building Program - Santa Monica CA

Green Built Home Wisconsin

Green Deal (UK)

Green Globes-USA

Green Guidelines - Battery Park City NY

Green Home Choice - Arlington VA

Green Home Destination

Green Home Program Hudson Valley, NY

Green Home Program Schenectady, NY

Green Homes NorthEast

Green Permit Program-Residential - Chicago

Green Points Program - Boulder CO

Green Roofs Program - Chicago

Green Star New Zealand

Green Star Rating Tools (Australia)

Green Star South Africa (Africa)

GreenBuilding Progamme (EU)

GreenHOME, Inc. Washington D.C.

Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems, Inc.

Guiding Principles of Sustainable Design Handbook (online)

Habitat for Humanity International

Hawaii Built Green

Health House American Lung Association

Houses That Work / Building America

I-Built - Arizona

Innovative Building Review Program - Santa Barbara

Israel Standard for Green Building

Keystone Green Building Initiative - Pennsylvania

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Desig

Maryland Environmental Design Program

Minergie (Switzerland)

National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS)

National Green Home Building Program

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (Australia)

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (Australia)

NC HealthyBuilt Homes Program - North Carolina

New Jersey Affordable Green Program

New York Energy Smart Program

Northeast Ohio Green Building Initiative

Northwest Ecobuilding Guild (Pacific NW USA)

One Planet Living Guiding Principles

Park City Green Building Initiative

Passiv Haus Building Certification (Global)

Passive House (USA)

San Jose Green Building

Seventh Generation Building Guild

Southern Arizona Green Building Council

Southern Nevada Green Building Partnership

Sustainable Building Alliance

Sustainable Building Assessment Tool (South Africa)

Sustainable Building Council (Germany)

Sustainable Building Program (Seattle)

Sustainable Design Hennipin County, MN

Sustainable Development Initiative - Berkeley CA

Sustainable Housing Design Guide for Scotland

TEP Guarantee Home Program

The Green Building Initiative (GBI)

USGBC Green Home Guide

Valideo Sustainable Certification Program (Belgium)

Vermont Builds Greener

Western North Carolina Green Building Program

Wisconsin Green Building Alliance

Business  ^

Alt Energy Stocks

Bay Area Green Business Program (San Francisco, California, USA)

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)

Claire's on Cedros Bakery

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

Green Building Exchange (San Fransisco)

Green Business Blog

Green Hosting (Canada)


KLD Global Sustainability Index

My Green Flight (Australia)

Qué es la Huella de Carbono Article OCT 2015


The 2009 U.S. Solar Industry Monitor

Top Sustainable Companies in the World

U.S. Green Chamber

Case Studies  ^

Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies

Aldo Leopold Center Case Study USGBC

Aldo Leopold Headquarters Article from GreenSource

Aldo Leopold Legacy Center (Wisconsin, USA)

Animal Foundation Dog Adoption Park AIA Case Study (Las Vegas)

Ballard Library AIA Case Study Top Ten Green 2006

BB Brown Residence (Florida, USA)

Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED) (UK)

Bernheim Arboretum (Kentucky, USA)

Building the Sonoran Bungalow (USA)

Buildings Database (Energy Efficiency and Renewabl

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Case Study by AIA

CIWMB Case Studies

CK Choi Institute Building Case Study Online

Clematis House in Melbourne, Australia

Co-Generation at Cox & Company (Pennsylvania, USA)

Container Bay Shipping Container Homes Case Studies

Denison University Solar Panels (Ohio, USA)

Desert House (USA)

Desert Living Center Inside Out

Environmental Building at Garston (UK)

Evergreen State College Master Plan Sustainable Site Case Study (Washington, USA)

Genersys PLC Case Studies (Germany)

Going Green at the Beach

Great Buildings PDFs Compiled by MJ OBrien Architect

Greater Grays Ferry Estates (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Green Globes Case Studies

GroSolar Case Studies

Ground-Mounted PV Array (Pennsylvania, USA)

Hawaii Gateway Energy Center Case Study (USA)

High Performance Buildings Database

High Performance Federal Buildings (USA)

IslandWood Case Study

Kogarah Town Square Passive Design (Australia)

Large Solar Energy Projects (California, USA)

Living Building Case Studies

Oberlin College Center for Environmental Studies

Omega Center for Sustainable Living Case Study

Ortho-McNeil (Pennsylvania, USA)

Passive House Database (Global)

Passive Solar Design (Florida)

Passive Solar-Heated Bungalow (Ottowa, Ontario, Canada)

Passive Ventilation Case Study (Netherlands)

PassivHaus Case Studies (in German)

Pennsylvania Governor's Mansion Gets Solar

Philadelphia Duplex with PV and Solar Water Heater

Resource Efficient Homes Across America

Retrofitting Existing Buildings for Passive Design (Germany)

Revival (UK)

Seminar II Building Online Case Study

Seminar Two at Evergreen State College Case Study (Washington, USA)

Shangri La Botanical Gardens AIA Case Study

Sidwell Friends Building Dashboard

Sidwell Friends Middle School AIA/COTE Case Study

Singapore Zero Energy Building Website

Skara Brae Case Study (Scotland)

Solar air heater and attic heat store for 100% solar heating (Ottowa, Canada)

Solar Direct Case Studies (USA)

Solar Energy Projects (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Solar Energy Storage Wall for Passive Survivability (Ottowa, Canada)

Solar Home in Pennsylvania (USA)

Solar Home on Capitol Hill (Seattle, WA, USA)

Solar Oregon Case Studies

Solar Power case Studies by State (USA)

SolarBC Case Studies (British Columbia, Canada)

Springs Preserve (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Steinhude Sea Recreation Facility (Germany)

StrawBale Farms (Trego, Wisconsin, USA)

Sunny Woods Multifamily Housing (Zurich, Switzerland)

Sustainable Sites Case Studies (USA)

Teal Farm (Vermont, USA)

The Green Building (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

Zero Energy Buildings Database (USA)

Zion National Park Visitor Center, Utah (USA)

Certifications  ^

Active House (Global)

Biomimicry Professional Certification

Biomimicry Specialist Certification

CEN Keymark Scheme for Solar Thermal Products (Europe)

Certified Energy Manager

Certified Green Busines Consultant (Florida, USA)

Certified Passive House Consultant (USA)

Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association

Cradle to Cradle Certification

DOE Challenge Home (USA)

Double Helix Tracking Technologies

Earthcraft (Southeast USA)

EcoLabel Index (Global)

EcoLogo Product Certification Program (North America)

Energy Star USA

Florida Solar Energy Center

Global Mark Certification (International)

Green Advantage Professional Certification

Green Building Certification Institute (USA)

Green Building Design Label Three Star (China)

Green Building Engineer

Green Building Product Certification (Singapore)

Green Garage Certification

Green Globes Building Rating Explained (USA)

Green Globes Certification Program (Canada)

Green Globes for New Construction Technical Reference Manual

Green Globes Professional Certification (USA)

Green Lending Specialist

Green Lending Training

Green Resource Council (USA)

Greener Product Certification Seal

Greenroads Rating System

GreenValuation Specialist

Microgeneration Certification Scheme (UK)

Midwest Renewable Energy Association

NABCEP Certified Energy Practitioners

NAHB Green Certified Green Professional

NAR Green Designation (USA Real Estate)

Nationwide House Energy Rating Assessor Accreditat

Ontario Solar Academy (Canada)

Passiv Haus Certified Designers and Consultants (Global)

Passive House US (USA)

PV Installer Certification

SCS Global Services

Setanta Solar System Certification

SGS Photovoltaic Certification (Germany)

SMaRT Product Certifications

SMART© Consensus Sustainable Product Standards

Solar Collector Certification Program

Solar Energy Training Certification Program

Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC)

Sustainable SITES Initiative (USA)

Virginia Green (USA)

Zero Energy Building Certification (USA)

Zero Energy Ready Home (USA)

Zero Energy Ready Home (USA)

Codes  ^

California's Solar Access Laws

Green Building Codes and Standards (USA)

Guidelines for Strawbale Structures (California, U

NAFFA International

Solar Access Easements (San Jose, California, USA)

Solar Access Land use regs (Boulder, CO, USA)

Solar Access Ordinance (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Solar Access Ordinance (Wisconsin, USA)

Solar Energy Ordinance (Texas, USA)

Solar Ordinance (Missouri, USA)

Solar Rights Act of New Mexico (USA)

Straw Bale Building Code (Tucson, AZ, USA)

Strawbale Vapor Barrier Ruling (Ontario, Canada)

Commercial  ^

Bosarge Education Center Building Dashboard (Maine, USA)

Brooklyn Bowl (New York, USA)

Canopy Green Airport Parking (Denver, Colorado)

CK Choi Building 3-D Model

CK Choi Institute of Asian Research Building Website

Clif Bar & Company (California, USA)

Community Transit

Dockside Green (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Ellensburg Canyon Winery (Washington State, USA)

Genzyme Center LEED Case Study

Google's Solar Panel Project

Green Parking Council (USA)

Greenscape Capital (USA)

Hotel Kakslauttanen Glass Igloos (Finland)

Kohl's Green Scene

Life at Aqua Tower (Chicago, USA)

Menara Mesiniaga 3D Model

Solar Wineries in California (USA)

Solaris Office Building Website (Belgium)

Sun Chips Solar Plant (California, USA)

Virginia Beach Convention Center (Virginia USA)

Virginia Beach Convention Center (Virginia, USA)

Community  ^

Ancient Town Planning

Arcosanti: An Urban Laboratory (Arizona, USA)

Blacksburg Virginia Farmers Market (Virginia, USA)

Bundoran Farm (Virginia, USA)

Cargotecture HIVE Houston

CoHousing Directory (USA)

Drake Landing Solar Community (Alberta, Canada)

Edmonds Washington Community Solar Cooperative

Geos Neighborhood ASLA Award Entry

Geos Zero Net Energy Neighborhood Colorado

Green Communities (USA)

Greensburg GreenTown (Kansas, USA)

Hammarby Sjostad Eco-Community (Sweden)

Rocky Top Living Community (Yakima, Washington, USA)

Trails at Newcastle (Bellevue, Washington, USA)

Vauban Community Website (Germany)

Cooking  ^

One Earth Designs

Solar Chef Europe

Solar Cooker Review

Solar Cookers Compared

Solar Cookers International

Solar Cooking Archive

Solar Cooking Archive Wiki

Solar Food Processing (India)

Desalination  ^

Acquasol Solar Desalination (Australia)

SEApanel Solar Desalination

Design  ^

Design Addict

Organic Architecture

Vernacular Architecture - Wiki

Developer  ^

Gerding Edlen Development (Oregon, USA)

Directories  ^

energie-experten.org (Germany)

Energy Planet Renewable Energy Directory

Green Pages in Pacific Northwest (USA)

International Expert Directory

International Straw Bale Building Registry

Live Green or Die Directory

Passive House Directory (Germany)

DIY  ^

Art Tec (Maine, USA)

Education  ^

50 Best Blogs for Architecture Students

AIRE Solar Training (USA)

Alliance for Climate Education (USA)

Autodesk Sustainability Workshop

Bali Green School (Indonesia)

Bertschi School (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Bertschi School’s Green Touchscreen

Bjerringbro Natural Science Center (Denmark)

Bosarge Family Education Center (Boothbay, Maine USA)

California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (USA)

Camp Kernow (UK)

Center for Energy Efficient Design (Virginia, USA)

Centre for Alternative Technology (Wales)

CFC Solar Industrial Training

CHP Energy Solutions (USA)

Cloud County Community College (Kansas, USA)

Collaborative for High Performance Schools

Columbia Gorge Community College (Oregon, USA)

Druk White Lotus School (India)


Electron Man Comic Book Issue 1

Energy Education Programs (Texas, USA)

Energy Innovation Center (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Energy Kids

Energy Quest for Kids

Global Student Experience

Going Green at College Article (USA)

Green Building Research Institute

Green Degrees Article (USA)

Green Schools Alliance

Green Schools Initiative

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Lab

Heatspring Learning Institute

Hocking College Energy Institute (Ohio, USA)

Hudson Valley Community College (Northeastern USA)

International Service Learning Alliance

Iowa Lakes Community College (Iowa, USA)

Kalamazoo Valley Community College (Michigan, USA)

Kennebec Valley Community College (Northeastern USA)

Laramie County Community College (Wyoming, USA)

MoonTown Foundation (Seattle, USA)

My Green Education (US)

Northwest Green Campus

Northwest Renewable Energy Institute (USA)

Omega Center for Sustainable Living (Rhinebeck, New York, USA)

PA Solar School

Porterworks (USA)

Porterworks Sustainable Courses

Power to the Internet People Graphic AUGUST 2012

Project Sol (Arizona, USA)

Road to Renewable Energy Educational Program (Arizona, USA)

School Designer (Global)

SEED Collaborative (Seattle)

Sidwell Friends School (Washington DC, USA)

Solar 4 R Schools (USA)

Solar Energy Science Projects

Solar for Green Building Projects

Solar Instructor Training Netwrok (USA)

Solar Ready Veterans (USA)


Taliesin (Wisconsin and Arizona, USA)

Texas Tech National Wind Institute (Texas, USA)

The Gereau Center for Applied Technology and Career Exploration (Virginia, USA)

US Solar Institute (Florida, USA)

Wind and Solar Energy Training

Windmill Tours Palm Springs, California

Yestermorrow Design/Build School (USA)

Energy  ^

Barack Obama's Energy Plans

Heliocentric (Utah)


Saving Energy at Home 2018

The Green Power Network (USA)

Top Green Power Purchasers in USA

Engineers  ^

Atelier Ten Mechanical Electrical Engineers (UK)

Event  ^

Improving Sustainability Concept In Developing Countries 2nd-Edition 2017

Events  ^

2010 International Green Computing Conference

2011 Green IT Economic Summit

Architectural and Environmental Design Conference JULY 2018

BLM Solar Calendar WEST (USA)

Conference on Passive Houses

DC Green Scene Calendar (Washington, DC, USA)

Eco Music Festival (EMU) (Colorado, USA)

European Wind Day

Fire Codes for Photovoltaic Power Systems and Inspecting PV Systems for Code Compliance (Missouri, USA)

Global Wind Day

Green Drinks International

Green Festivals

Improving Sustainability Concepts In Developing Countries Conference 2017 (Cairo, Egypt)

International Year of Light 2015

National Solar Conference (USA)

National Solar Tour (USA)

One Day on Earth (10.10.10)

Solar 2013 (USA)

Solar Day 2010

Solar Decathlon

Solar Decathlon 2009 (Washington DC, USA)

Solar Power International (USA)

Spring Training for Solar Power Systems (Missouri, USA)

WINDPOWER 2009 Conference and Exhibition

Expository  ^

Truth in the Rough

Financing  ^

Cal Green Lending (California, USA)

Climate Change Capital (UK, France, Spain)

Energy Efficient Mortgages

FHA Energy Efficient Mortgages (USA)

Go Green Lending

Green Bank

Green Lending Specialist

Green Valuation Specialist

Marathon Capital

MECU Home Loans (Australia)

Mortgage Green (USA)

Mosaic (USA)

Permaculture Credit Union (New Mexico USA)

ShoreBank Chicago-Detroit (USA)

ShoreBank Pacific (USA)

Solar Economics (California, USA)

The Cooperative Bank (UK)

Tridos Bank (Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain, Ger

UmweltBank (Germany)

Union Credit Bank (Florida USA)

Voltiq (Netherlands)

Wainwright Bank and Trust (Massachusetts USA)

Food & Plants  ^

Bainbridge Island Farmer’s Market

Biodynamics Farming and Gardening Association

Buy Local Food in Kitsap WA

Cave B Winery (Washington, USA)

Farmer's Markets (USA)

Hydroponic Gardening Infographic

Incredible Edible Todmorden (UK)

Local Harvest (USA)

Local Harvest (USA)

Organic Greenhouse Vegetable Production

Our Windowfarms

People's Garden (USA)

Plantagon Urban Farming

Slow Food

Sound Food

Straw Bale Gardening Website Resource

Sustainable Table

Vegetable Gardens for Kids

Where Did Those Roses Come From? Article


Handbooks  ^

ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guides (AEDG)

Passive Solar Design Online Design Guidelines

Passive Solar Guidelines for Northern New Mexico (USA)

Passive Solar Heating and Cooling Manual

Solar Radiation on Collector Manual

Standard 189.1

Straw Bale Construction Sourcebook

Sustainable Airport Manual (SAM)

Tips for Daylighting

Whole Building Design Guide

Health  ^

Messages in the Dust

Toxipedia (Global)

Heat Island  ^

Heat Island Database Where You Live (USA)


Cool Idea: Using Ice to Chill Buildings in NYC

Great River Energy Geothermal Lake Loop Images and Video

Image Galleries  ^

EcoSense House PhotoStream

Houzz Residential Ideas

Islandwood Slideshow on Flickr

Mill Valley Hillside Home Photo Gallery

NuFormer Video Mapping on Buildings

Photo Gallery of Solar Energy

Steinhude Sea Recreation Facility 3-D Model (Germany)

WordlessTech Image Blog

Incentives  ^

2009 State-by-State Solar Report Card (USA)

Consumer Energy Tax Incentives 2009

Directory of Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Programs (Canada)

DSIRE Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiencies

Federal Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency U

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency USA

Go Solar California (USA)


Green Communities Funding USA

Inventions and Innovation Grants USA

National Solar Schools Program (Australia)

Solar America Cities (USA)

Solar Power Incentives Map (USA)

Solar Power Rating Map by State (USA)

Solar Tax Credits USA

State Solar Incentives (USA)

Strategic Environmental Project Pipeline Grants US

The Tax Incentives Assistance Project (TIAP)

US Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) G

USDA Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 200

Instruments  ^

Lambda Instruments

IT  ^

Green data Center Blog

Green Data Center News and Info

Green IT (USA)

Green IT Blog

Green IT VMWare

Greener Computing News

Supporting Green Web Hosting Article

The Green Grid

Jobs  ^

Business for Social Responsibility Job Board (Glob

Care 2 Job Finder (USA)

Careers - Green Dream Jobs

Careers in Wind Job Board (Global)

Clean Loop Job Board

Clean Tech Jobs Board (Global)

Clean Tech Recruits

Clean Techies Job Board (USA)

Cool Climate Jobs Board (Global)

e-architect job board

Earthworks Job Board (UK)

EcoJam Green Jobs (UK)

Environment Jobs (UK)

Environmental Career Job Board (USA)

Good Work Canada Green Job Site (Canada)

Great Green Careers (USA)

Green Biz Job Board

Green Careers Monster Trak (USA)

Green Collar Blog

Green Energy Jobs (Global)

Green Energy Jobs Online

Green for All (USA)

Green Gigs

Green Job Search (USA)

Green Jobs Authority (USA)

Green Jobs Canada

Green Jobs for America Campaign (USA)

Green Jobs Global Jobs Portal

Green Jobs Network

Green Jobs Network

Green Jobs Online (UK)

Green Jobs Philly (Philadelphia, USA)

Green Sage Green Job Board (USA)

Greenopolis Job Board

Grist Job Board (USA)

Horticulture Jobs (USA)

ICLEI Job Board

Idealist Job Board

Jobs Green Solutions Headhunter Firm

Jobs In Photovoltaics

Jobs in Solar Power

Just Means Job Search (USA and UK)

Light House Green Building Jobs (British Columbia,

North Carolina Sustainable Energy Jobs (North Caro

Renewable Energy Jobs (USA)

Renewable Energy World Job Board (Global)

Simply Hired Green Design Job Board (USA)

Solar Jobs (Global)

Solar Jobs ENF (Global)

StopDodo Global Jobs Portal

Sustain Jobs (Global)

Sustainable Energy Jobs (USA)

Sustainable Industries Jobs (USA)

Sustainable New Mexico Jobs (New Mexico, USA)

Treehugger Job Board

USGBC Job Board

Legislation  ^

Alliance for Renewable Energy (North America)

California Solar Rights Act

Community Energy Codes and Ordinances (USA)

International Feed-in Cooperation

Policy Action on Climate Toolkit (PACT) (Global)

Solar Legislation (California)

Solar Policy Guide from DSIRE (USA)

Vote Solar (USA)

Wind Works

Lifestyle  ^

Mongolian Nomadic Life

Lighting  ^

Environmental Impact of Lighting SEPT 2016

Holding Solar Lighting (China)

Limitless Solar Lighting (UK)

LuminAid Solar Lights

Manufacturing  ^

Green Products Innovation Institute (USA)

PV Cycle (EU)

PV Recycling (USA)

Maps  ^

Alternative Fueling Stations (USA)

Anyplace America Maps (USA)

Atlas of Renewable Resources (USA)

Auckland Rooftop Solar Resources (New Zealand)

California Solar Power History

Climate Data Directory (USA)

Daylight Map (Global)

Dynamic Maps, GIS and Analysis Tools (USA)

Earthquakes in the World for the Past Seven Days

Energy Climate Zones (USA)

Eye on Earth

Federal Energy Management Program Maps (USA)

Geospatial Toolkits (International)

Green Map - Directions to a Sustainable Future

Greenest USA States Identified by Forbes

NASA Earth Observations - Global Views

Photovoltaic Maps (USA)

Population Explosion Video

Projects Featured on Solaripedia as of January 2013

Renewable Energy Atlas of the West (USA)

Renewable Energy Maps (USA)

Renewable Energy Resources Map (USA)

Solar Boston (USA)

Solar Energy Development Programmatic EIS (USA)

Solar Energy Zones (USA)

Solar Insolation of the World (NASA)

Solar Maps (USA)

Solar Resources for USA Department of Defense

Solar ventilation-Air Preheating maps (USA)

Solar Water Heating Maps (USA)

State Solar Jobs Map (USA)

Sunmetrix Residential Grid Parity Solar Map (USA)

TopoQuest (USA and Canada)

U.S. Climate Divisions

U.S. Climate Zone Map (USA)

U.S. National Atlas

U.S. Wind Energy Projects Map

US Climate at a Glance

USA Wind Map in Real Time

Washington Wind Resource Map (USA)

Water Quality Assessment Map (USA)

Weather Source


Wind Direction Map (Global)

Wind Energy Resource Atlas (USA)

Wind Energy Resource Atlas for USA

Wind Power Maps (USA)

Wind Resource Map (USA)

World Evapotranspiration Map

World Evapotranspiration Web Viewer

World Mapper

Marketing  ^

Barrett Design Works (USA)


Materials  ^

MatWeb Material Property Data

Reclaimed Wood Infographic

Museum  ^

Enzo Ferrari Museum (Italy)

San Diego Children's Museum

Western Science Center and Museum (Hemet, California, USA)

News  ^

Alternative Energy News

Bernheim Arboretum Building Article

Best Solar Garden Lights Review DEC 2015

Big Bad Corn Infographic

Building Energy Performance Information™

Clean Techies

Council House 2, Melbourne: Australia’s greenest office building Article

Energy Digger Online

Green Passive House Daily (Global News)

Green Prophet (Middle East)

Green Tech Grid

Green Tech Solar

Green Tech Solar

Greening of Google Article

Healthy Home Article from ED+C

India's Solar Power Plans


Light-powered magnetic levitation could create ‘new class’ of solar energy

New Funding Boosts Solar Energy (USA)

Richmond Oval Article (Eco-Structure)

Robin Rogers and Rocky Top Living (USA)

Solar and LEED 2009: An Old Challenge in A New System

Solar Decathlon to Be Held October 2009

Solar Feeds

Solar Novus Today NEWS (Global)

Solar-Powered Affordable Housing (San Diego, California, USA)

Solaripedia Founder’s Tips for Multifamily (Article)

Some Buildings Not Living Up to Green Label (USA)

Teanaway Solar Reserve (Washington, USA)

This Just In Article APRIL 2013

What should you know about solar power in Texas? JAN 2017

William Paterson University Solar News

Organizations  ^

10.10 Campaign (UK)


Affordable Comfort (USA)

Alternate Technology Association (Australia)

American Council on Renewable Energy (USA)

American Institute of Architects Committee on the

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air

American Solar Energy Association (ASEA)

American Solar Energy Society

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

APPER Solaire (France)

Architecture 2030

Arizona Solar Center

Arizona Solar Energy Association

Asociación de la Industria Fotovoltaica (Spain)

Association of Energy Engineers

Australia's Solar Cities

BASEA -- Boston Area Solar Energy Association

Basel Action Network

Beyond Zero Emissions (Australia)

Biodiversity 100

Biomimicry Institute

BioRegional Development Group (UK)

BRE Global

British Wind Energy Association (UK)

Bullitt Foundation (Seattle, Washington, USA)

California Straw Building Association (CASBA)

California Wind Energy Association

Canadian Association for Renewable Energies


Chesapeake Bay Foundation

China BIPV Applications Committee (China)

Chlorine Free Products Association


Clean Economy Network Foundation

Clean Energy Network

Climate Solutions (Washington State, USA)

CO2 Capture Project (Global)

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (Boothbay, Maine, USA)

Colorado Renewable Energy Society

Colorado Straw Bale Association (COSBA)

Columbus Green Building Forum (Ohio, USA)

Community Housing Partners (Southeast USA)

Community Housing Works (San Diego, California, USA)

Community Power Network (USA)

Cool Melbourne (Australia)

Desertec Foundation

Earth Centre Network (UK)

EarthSpark International

Echoing Green


Efficient Windows Coolaborative

El Paso Solar Energy Association

El Paso Solar Energy Association (EPSEA)

Electric Auto Association

Electric Drive Transportation Association (USA)

Energy & Environmental Building Association, Inc. (EEBA)

Energy Action Coalition (North America)

Environment Victoria (Australia)

European Wind Energy Association

Findhorn Foundation

Floating Homes Association Seattle

Florida Renewable Energy Association

Florida Solar Energy Center

Forestry Tasmania (Australia)

FOVISEE (Argentina)

Friends of Kebyar (and Bruce Goff)

Gardens Under Glass

Glasu Renewable Powys (Wales, UK)

Global Reporting Initiative

Go Solar California (USA)

Godrej Green Business Centre (India)

Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association

Green Building Council of South Africa

Green Energy Ohio (USA)

Green Heat (Canada)

Green Science Policy Institute (USA)

Green Touch Consortium

Greening Yellowstone

Healthy Building Network (USA)

Holy Wisdom Monastery and Benedictine Women Madison (Wisconsin)

Home Performance Coalition (USA)


Illinois Renewable Energy Association (IREA) (USA)

Institute for Energy Research (USA)

Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability

Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (USA)

International Energy Agency Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems (ECBCS)

International Green Roof Association

International Hydropower Association

International Living Future Institute

International Society of Sustainability Professionals (Global)

International Solar Energy Society

International WELL Building Institute (Global)

Internationales Wirtschaftsforum Regenerative Energien (Germany)

Interstate Renewable Energy Council (USA)

Iowa Renewable Energy Association

ISEAMI (Costa Rica)


Kentucky Solar Partnership (USA)

Land Trust Alliance (USA)

Less-En (UK)

Level (New Zealand)

Local Power (USA)

Long Branch Environmental Education Center (Asheville, North Carolina, USA)

Long Island Solar Energy Industries Association

Low Impact Development Center

Maia Maia Project (Australia)

Maine Solar Energy Association

Make It Right Foundation (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Mid Atlantic Renewable Energy Association and the Pennsylvania Renewable Energy Fair

Minnesota Renewable Energy Society

Moving Windmills

National Wind Coordinating Collaborative (USA)

Natural Building Network

NESEA -- North East Sustainable Energy Association

Network for New Energy Choices (USA)

New Buildings Institute (USA)

New Jersey Green Association (USA)

New Jersey Solar Group (USA)

New Mexico Solar Energy Association

New Mexico Solar Energy Association

New York Solar Energy Society (USA)

North American Sundial Society

North Carolina Solar Center

Northern California Solar Energy Association Home

Northwest Community Energy (USA)

Northwest Ecobuilding Guild (Pacific NW, USA)

Northwest SEED (Sustainable Energy for Economic Development)

Passive Buildings Canada

Passive House Institute (Germany)

Passive House New Zealand

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (Pittsburgh, USA)

Plan NYC (New York City, USA)


Plug In America

Pocono Northeast Solutions

Pomegranate Center (Issaquah, Washington, USA)

Potomac Region Solar Energy Association

Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development

Prosperity Media (Washington, DC)

Put Solar On It

Ralph O. McMillan and Associates (Washington DC)

Renewable Energy Foundation (UK)

Renewable Energy Policy Project

Rocky Mountain Institute

Save the Food

Sea Ranch Chapel Website

Seattle Electric Vehicle Association

Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center (Texas, USA)

Shoreline Solar Project (Washington State, USA)

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (USA)

Smithsonian Bocas del Toro Research Station

Society of Environmental Journalists

Solar Action Alliance

Solar Aid (International)

Solar Aid - Fighting Poverty & Climate Change

Solar Alliance

Solar America Cities (USA)

Solar Bill of Rights (USA)

Solar Buildings Research Network (Canada)

Solar Electric Light Fund

Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA)

Solar Energy Council (USA)

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

Solar Energy Research Institute (Malaysia)

Solar Energy Society (UK)

Solar Energy Society of Canada

Solar Gardens Community Power (USA)

Solar Haven

Solar Heating and Cooling Programme

Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (International)

Solar on the White House

Solar Power Rocks (USA)

Solar Serdar Renewable Energy Center (Croatia)

Solar Sister

Solar Smelters International



Springs Preserve Las Vegas (Nevada, USA)

Stark Foundation (Texas)

Sustainability Foundation (USA)

Sustainability Foundation (Washington, USA)

Sustainability Victoria (Australia)

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council

Sustainable Electricty Association of New Zealand

Sustainable Sites Initiative (USA)

SymbioCity (Sweden)

TckTckTck (Global)

TckTckTck (Global)

TERI The Energy and Resources Institute (India)

Terra Foundation (Barcelona, Spain)

Texas Solar Energy Society

The Animal Foundation (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The Housing Partnership (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

The Jobs Project (West Virginia, USA)

The Solar Alliance

The Solar Foundation (USA)

Three Birds Foundation (USA)

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Urban Green Council (New York City, USA)

Virginia Solar Energy Association (Virginia, USA)

Vote Solar (USA)

Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation (San Diego, California, USA)

Water First International

We Care Solar (Global)

World Council for Renewable Energy (Germany)

Yellowstone Association

Yellowstone National Park (USA)

Yellowstone Park Foundation (USA)

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

Zayed National Museum (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Zero Carbon Initiative (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Passive  ^

An Appalachian House (Virginia, USA)

Austrian Passive House Group

Built Passive House Projects Database

Composting Greenhouse Provides Hot Water

Daylighting in Buildings

Green Cone Solar Compost Digester

Hoshino Wedding Chapel Japan

Passive and Hybrid Downdraught Cooling Systems in Buildings

Passive Background Ventilation (New Zealand)

Passive Cooling Article

Passive House Retrofit Tool

Passive Solar Basement Design (Colorado, USA)

Passive Solar Building Design (USA)

Passive Solar Cooling

Passive Solar Cooling for Hot, Humid Climates Vide

Passive Solar Design (Austin, Texas, USA)

Passive Solar Energy Book Dowloadable from BuiltItSolar

Passive Solar Greenhouse

Passive Solar Guidelines

Passive Solar Heating and Cooling Manual Online

Passive Ventilation (New Zealand)

PassivHaus Database of Projects (Austria)

PassivHaus Osterriech (Austria) in German

PVC Hoophouse for Your Garden DIY

Scrap Eater Solar Composter

Shift House Blog

Solar Greenhouse Design (USA)

Solar Heated and Cooled Greenhouses

Solar Shading

SolaRoof Wiki

Sunspaces and Solar Greenhouses

The Daylight Site

Utah Passive House (Millcreek, Utah, USA)

Photovoltaics  ^

Affording Solar Panels 2016

Alcatraz Island

Arizona Western College Solar Monitor (LIVE)

Arizona Western College Solar WebCam

Artificial Trees that Produce Solar Power

Ballard Library LIVE PV Energy Monitoring

Best Solar Panel Review 2016

Camping Portable Solar Panels Video Link

CitizenRE REnu

Community Solar Access

Cool Earth Technology

DEERS (Developing Energy-Efficient Roof Systems)

Electric Sailing (Finland)

Florida Gulf Coast University Solar Farm (USA)

Florida Gulf Coast University Solar Farm Webcam (USA)

How Much Electricity Does a Rooftop Solar PV System Generate?

Lumenhaus Virginia Tech

Net Metering Model Rules October 2009

Ohio University Solar Composting on Solar Tour

Open PV Mapping Project (USA)

Photovoltaics FAQs - The Basics

Power of the Sun Article on Eco-Intel

Simple Solar Cleaning Systems

Solar Composting Project at Ohio University

Solar Ivy

Solar Panels on Campus (USA)

Solar Roadways

Solar Wash by OCS Energy

Solar Wineries in California List

SolaRoad (Netherlands)

Sun Boxes Solar-Powered Music Installations

Sun Smarts Solar-module Installation Article

SunRun (California. USA)

Tesla Energy (California, USA)

The Power of the Sun: Now Is the Time to Go Solar

Thin-film Photovoltaics and Their Impact on a Commercial Building’s Cooling Load (Article)

We Care Solar Solar Suitcase Video

WHY Yachts

Podcast  ^

Bank of America Tower Podcast

Home Style Green (New Zealand)

Sense and Sustainability (USA)

The Ecological Home Podcasts

This Week in Energy (Podast)

Product  ^

Ascent Solar Technology

Bautex Systems

California Fence Company (Orange County, California, USA)

Kebony - The New Wood

Portable Solar Energy Kits

SunTegra Solar Roof Systems

Products  ^

AirRenew Gypsum Board by CertainTeed Gypsum

American Lime Technology

Bin Dasmal Doors (UAE)


Bulbdial LED Sundial Clock Kit

Cosanti Bells


Eco Specifier (FEE-based)

Eco-Labels from Consumer Reports Greener Choices (USA)

Energy Efficiency Done Right

Energy Materials Network (USA)

FireClay Tile

FLLH Solar (China)

Green Book Live Products Database

Green Building Materials Descriptions (California IWMB)

Green Building Pages Products Database (USA)

Green Depot (USA)

Green Duck Biodegradables

Green Format (USA)

Green Globe Products (India)

Green Products Wall

Green Sage Sustainable Furnishings & Materials

GreenGuard for High Performance Schools

Home Depot Eco Options

HydroInfra Technologies (Sweden)

InLighten® Light Shelf

InSpire Solar Wall

Litracon Light Emitting Concrete

NeuHome Home Improvement Products

Nokero Solar Light Bulb

NovoThink Solar Gadgets

Online Exchange (King County, Washington USA)


PV Solar Panels

Recycle Match

Solar Arcadia

Solar Cool technologies

Solar Goes Hyper in the U.S.

Solar Ice Maker Company

Solar Panel Advisor for iPad

Solar Powered Attic Fan

Solar Sun Rings

Sunflare Solar Lanterns

Sunny International Power (China)

SunTegra Solar Roof Systems

Suntuitive from Pleotint

Sustainable Lawn Seed

The Green Glass Company

Tradical Hemcrete

U.S. Life-Cycle Inventory Database

Unearthed Paints (USA)

XsunX Solar Products

Zenn Valve

Zomeworks Passive Solar Energy Products (USA)

Project  ^

Art Tec DIY in Maine (USA)

Center for Sustainable Landscapes at Phipps Conservatory

Dynamic Architecture

Jerry Yudelson to Lead Green Globes

Phyllotactic Towers © VERK Studio

Princeton Solar Solutions Awarded 464 kW Solar Project at East Amwell Township School

Shawn Bradley Retired NBA Star Goes Solar

SOLAR CONNEXION Installs 11.52 kW Solar Array at New River Woodworks LLC

Solarei Contemporary Passive Solar House (New Zealand)

ZED Communities (Bagalore, India)

Projects  ^

Canton Tower (China)

Department of Environmental Conservation Regional Headquarters

Discovery Center Kansas City Missouri

FDNY Rescue Company 1 (NYC, New York, USA)

Genzyme Center

Genzyme Center Case Study AIA COTE Green Top Ten

Genzyme Center Virtual Tour

Greenhouse 26 Hotel (New York, NY, USA)

KB Homes GreenHouse (USA)

Kentucky Horse Park Leaps into the World Equestrian Games with Solar and Other Green Initiatives

Louisville Couple Chooses Sustainable Lifestyle

Private Residence, Chilmark (Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA)

Private Residence, Croton-on-Hudson (New York, USA)

Rideau Residence Slideshow (Ottowa, Ontario, Canada)

Shepard Hall at City College (New York, USA)

Sol Cinema (UK)

Solaris Positive Energy (France)

South Jamaica Branch Library (Queens, New York, USA)

The Parking Lot as a ‘Solar Grove’

Three Solar Parks Miami-Dade (Florida, USA)

Twelve West (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Twelve West AIA Case Study

Walt Whitman Historic Birthplace and Interpretative Center (New York, USA)

West 163rd Street Mixed Use Condominium (New York, NY, USA)

Women's Rights National Historical Park (Seneca Falls, New York, USA)

Woodland Park Green Zoo (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Publications  ^

Altenergymag from Earth Toys

Alternate Energy News

Backwoods Home Magazine

Build News

Design Build Magazine

Dry Run: Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis (Book)


Earth Techling (USA)

EcoHome Magazine (USA)


Environment 360

Environmental Design + Construction (magazine)

Fine Homebuilding Magazine

Green Builder Magazine

Green Building Magazine

Green Business Times

Green Car Congress

Green Intelligent Buildings

Green Passive Solar Magazine

Greenlist(tm) Bulletin

High Performing Buildings Magazine

Home Power Magazine

Home Power Magazine

Huffington Post GREEN

International Passive House Magazine (Global)

Journal of Green Building

Living Green Online Magazine

Maderadisegno Magazine on Wood Architecture

Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News Magazine

Natural Life Magazine (Canada)

Northwest Construction Magazine (Pacific NW, USA)

OnEarth Magazine (USA)

Ontario Solar News (Canada)

Photon International Magazine

PV International Magazine (Italy)

PV Technology Magazine (Italy)

Renewable Energy Focus Magazine (Global)

Sanctuary Magazine (Australia)

Smart Grid News (USA)

Solar Daily Online News

Solar Power Engineering Magazine

Solar Pro Magazine

Solar Thermal Magazine

Solar Today Magazine

Solar Tribune

Sun & Wind Energy Magazine

The Last Straw Journal

The Urban Times


Wind Daily Online News

Wind Energy Magazine (Italy)

Wind Power Monthly

Radio And TV  ^

Alcatraz Goes Green Radio Program Link

Bertschi School Science Wing Radio Interview

Bjarke Ingels PodCast on The Mountain

Good Dirt Radio

Hammarby Sjostad Community (Sweden) Radio Broadcast

Living with Ed

Nanoparticles in Construction Materials Podcast

Solar PV TV

Real Estate  ^

Wisconsin Real Estate (USA)

Recycling  ^

5N Plus Solar Panel Recycling (Wisconsin, USA)

E-Stewards Initiative

EcoCycle (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Profiting from Thrift Article OCT 2015

Responsible Recycling (R2) (USA)

Second Use (Seattle, Washington, USA)

The True Cost of an iPhone

Remodeling  ^

Affordable Green Home Upgrades

Green Home Remodeling Article SEPT 2016

Houston Remodeling Contractors (Texas, USA)

How to Sustainably Remodel Your Home Article APRIL 2017

Renewable Energy  ^

Beautiful Earth Group (New York, USA)

BioFuels from Algae

Buying Green Power by State (USA)

Cool Energy

Defining Renewable Article

Earl Energy (USA)

Ellensburg Community Renewable Park (Washington State, USA)

Energy Island (UK)

Inventing Green

National Centre for Biorenewable Energy, Fuels and Materials (UK)

New Generation Energy (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

NewEarth Renewable Energy

Pendulum Lever Energy System


Powering a Green Planet: Sustainable Energy, Made Interactive

Renewable Energy Demo Projects (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Renewable Energy Norway

Solar Buildings Research Network (Canada)


Research  ^

2010 Environmental Performance Index (EPI)

Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie

Alternative Energy Institute (Texas, USA)

Baseline Mesaurement System - NREL (USA)

California Wind Energy Collaborative

Centre Energetique et Procedes (France)

Cold Climate Housing Research Center (USA)

Daylighting Collaborative (Wisconsin, USA)

Energy Center of Wisconsin (USA)

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

Environmental Performance Index (Global)

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Germany)

French Environment and Energy Management Agency (France)

Integrated Design Lab (Boise, Idaho, USA)

Integrated Design Lab (Boseman, Montana, USA)

LESO Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB)

Masdar Solar Hub

NREL Wind Research (USA)

Occupant Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Survey

OneEngineer (UK)

Pacific Energy Center (San Francisco, California, USA)

Passiv Haus Institut (Germany)

Plasma Technologies (Macedonia)

Portland Daylighting Lab (Oregon, USA)

Resources for the Future

Sandia Labs Wind Energy Technology (USA)

Sea Solar Power (USA)

Solar Disinfection of Drinking Water

Solar Radiation Monitoring Lab University of Oregon (USA)

Solar radiation research - NREL (USA)

SolarAero Research

The Global Climate and Energy Project at Stanford University

UCSD Center for Energy Research (California, USA)

Residential  ^

Affordable Passive Homes (Illinois, USA)


BrightBuilt Barn Plans Set

BrightBuilt Barn Website

CAFE2 (Southwest Virginia, USA)

CO2 Saver House (Poland)

Container City (London, UK)

Dome House (Japan)

Domespace Homes (France)

Dream Green Homes

Earth Sheltered Technology (Minnesota, USA)


Eco Home Site

Eco-Home, Indie Budget

EcoFlats Apartments (Portland, Oergon, USA)

EcoSense House (Vancouver Island, Canada)

EERE's Designing or Remodeling a Home Info

Energy Audit Do-It-Yourself (USA)

Energy Efficient Building Technologies

Everingham Rotating House (NSW, Australia)

Florida Solar Cracker House Website

Geodesic Dome Notes

Go Solar California (USA)

Going Green at the Beach

Green and Save Home Remodeling (USA)

Green Building Advisor (USA)

Green Home Remodeling Guide


Greentainer Project (Italy)

Healthy Home in the Valley Website (Yakima, Washington, USA)

HGTV Green Remodeling

Homes Across America

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2012 Guide to Green Colleges

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Delft University Clean Technology Institute (Netherlands)

Design Sustentavel (Portugal)

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Energy Center at Appalachian State University (North Carolina, USA)

Engineering Environmental Institute at Penn State U (Pennsylvania, USA)

Environmental Studies Program at the New School (NYC)

Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Forum for the Future (UK)

Greenopia's Ratings of 100 Sustainable Universities 2009

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Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (Spain)

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores (Mexico)

International Institute for Humane Education (USA)

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Marylhurst University (Oregon, USA)

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NAAB‐Accredited Architecture Programs (USA)

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NewSchool of Architecture and Design (USA)

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North Carolina Wind Energy (USA)

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway)

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Philadelphia University College of Architecture and the Built Environment

Princeton University (USA)

Renewable Energy Initiative (ASU, North Carolina, USA)

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Renewable Energy Research Laboratory (Massachusetts, USA)

Royal Roads University (Canada)

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (Indiana, USA)

Santa Clara University (California, USA)

School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (NSW, Australia)

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Solar Decathlon 2009 Team Germany’s Website

Solar University (Arizona, USA)

Southern Illinois University Carbondale (USA)

Staffordshire University (UK)

Stockholm University (Sweden)

Texas A&M Solar Light Pipes Website

The College of St Mark and St John (UK)

The University of Edinburgh (UK)

Tyson Research Center Living Learning Center (Missouri, USA)

Unity College (Maine, USA)

University College Dublin (Ireland)

University of Aberdeen, Sustainable Rural (UK)

University of Bath (UK)

University of Birmingham (UK)

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University of Calgary and Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Canada and Equador)

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University of Winnipeg (Canada)

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University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

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Utrecht University (Netherlands)

Venice School for Advance Studies (Italy)

Virginia Tech (USA)

Wayne State University (Michigan, USA)

York University (Toronto, Canada)

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Built Environment (Fee-based)

Eco City Builders

From Vacant to Verdant Article

Green City Index from Siemens

Maintain Mayberry (or) Bring on the Condos? Article

New Orleans to Ottawa: After the Storm, the Brainstorming Begins Article

The New City Beautiful Article

Twelve Gates to the City Article

World Streets

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Annual Solar Report 2008

Community Energy Scotland

Eneco Energy (Netherlands)

Energex Earth's Choice Green Power

Energy Efficiency Guidebook for Public Power Communities

Florida Power & Light Alternative Energy

Great River Energy

Green Power Electric Membership Corporation (Georgia, USA)

Ivanpah SEGS (California USA)

Keys Hydro Power (Florida, USA)

Large-scale Photovoltaic Power Plants Rankings (Global)

Long Island Power Authority (New York, USA)

North Carolina Green Power

PV Innovation in North America

Scottish and Southern Energy

Sempra Generation (USA)

Siemens Energy (Germany)

Solar Energy Development Programmatic EIS (USA)

Solar Energy Study Area Maps (USA)

Solar Express (Washington State, USA)

Solar One and Two Solar Power Plant (California, USA)

Solar Power and the Sahara Desert

SunEdison (USA)

Tangerine Power (USA)

Vineyard Energy Project (Massachusetts, USA)

Wind Energy in California

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Alternative and Advanced Vehicles (USA)

Bertrand Piccard

Electric Bike Report

Electric Cars Infographic

Free Juice Bar

Geneco (UK)

Jay Leno's Garage


Scoot Networks (San Francisco)

Solar Impulse Airplane

Solar Knights Racing Team (Plantation, Florida)

Solar Taxi

Solar Vehicles

Supercharger Tesla Charging Stations

Tesla Motors

Winston Solar Car Challenge (USA)

Yike Bike

Zero Emissions Race

Zero Emissions Race (Global)

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100 Percent Solar Powered House (UK) Video Link

African Villages Go Solar with SOLARtec Video


Ancient Indian WATER HARVESTING by Anupam Mishra Video Link

Appalachia Jobs Project Interview Audio Link

Appalachia Jobs Project Interview on BBC Video Link

Aqua Tower Chicago Video Link

Architects on Museums in UAE

Ardrossan Wind Farm Video Link

Arizona National Guard Eco-Building Video

AustriaHaus Videos Link

Aviva Stadium Animation Video Link

Bali Green School by Documentarian Sven Gelin

Bertrand Piccard's Solar-Powered Adventure Video Link

Bertschi School Science Wing TV Video Link

BILL GATES on Energy Video Link

Bill Gross on New Energy Video Link

Bjarke Ingels TED Talk Video

Bob's Big Boy Solar System Video

Bullitt Center Is Net Zero Energy and Water in Seattle Video

California Academy of Sciences Construction Timelapse Video

Catherine Mohr Builds Green Video Link

CEED Building Video Link

Concordia University Solar Thermal and Electricity Generation Video Link (Canada)

David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve Video Link

David Keith's Unusual Climate Change Idea on TED Video Link

Desoto Solar Center Video Link

Diébedo Francis Kéré Interview Video Link (German)

Difficult Market Brings Innovation & Maturity to Solar PV Video

Dockside Green Story: Natural Growth Video

Druk White Lotus School E2 Video

Druk White Lotus School PBS Video Link

ED MAZRIA: Solving Our Energy Crisis Video Link

Europe's Solar Thermal Experience Can Inform the US Industry Video

European Offshore Wind 2009 Update Video

Fennell Ultimate House Boat Video Link

Fipke Centre Opening Video Link

Florida Gulf Coast University Switches To Solar Power

Forest EcoCentre Video Link

Francis Kere on Sustainable Buildings in Africa 1 of 4 Video Link

Francis Kere on Sustainable Buildings in Africa 2 of 4 Video Link

Francis Kere on Sustainable Buildings in Africa 3 of 4 Video Link

Francis Kere on Sustainable Buildings in Africa 4 of 4 Video Link

Green Building Louisville Green Wall Video Link

Green Nanotechnology Video Link

Green Tunnel Appalachian Trail Walk

Growing Plants on the Moon Video

Hawaii Prep Energy Lab Open House Video Link

Hawaii Prep Energy Lab Video Link

High-Voltage Cable Inspection Video Link

Holy Wisdom Monastery Going Green Video Link

House Made of Hemp CNN Video Link

iHouses Modular with Solar Panels

Incredible Edible Landscaping in UK TED Talk Video Link

Inside Queen City EcoVillage Video Link

Inside the Solar America Cities Train the Trainer Program Video Link

Iranian Town Carved From Rock Video Link

Jane Poynter: Life in BIOSPHERE 2 Video Link

JANINE BENYUS Shares Nature's Designs Video Link

Jay Leno Water Heater Video Link

Jefferson's Poplar Forest Video Channel

Juan Enriquez on BioEnergy TED Video Link

Kroon Hall Timelapse Video Link

Lagniappe Solar House Video Link

LandArk Designer Pods Video Link

Lighthouse Zero Energy Home (UK)

Lighthouse Zero Energy Home (UK) Video Link

Liquid Metal Battery TED Talk

Living Home Timelapse Video

Living Home Timelapse Video2

Living on Solar Video Link

Los Vecinos Solar Apartment Building Video Link

Lunar Oasis: Greenhouse on the Moon

Magnus Larsson: Turning Dunes into Architecture Video Link

Manassas Park Elementary School Video Link

Marketing Solar Energy to the Public Remains a Challenge Video

Metropol Parasol Arup Video Link

Mitchell Joachim: Grow Your Home Video Link

New York Is a Solar City! Video Link

Norman Foster's Green Agenda Video Link

Paul MacCready Flies on Solar Wings Video Link

Powering the Fight Against Hunger Video Link

Practical Solar Analysis Video Link

Richmond Oval Designers Video

Ross Lovegrove Shares Organic Designs Video Link

Salvaged Houses by Dan Phillips Video Link (Texas, USA)

Saul Griffith's Kites Tap Wind Energy Video Link

Shai Agassi's Bold Plan for Electric Cars Video Link

Shawn Bradley Goes Solar Video Link

Sierra Sun Tower Launch Video

Skara Brae and Neolithic Orkney by the BBC

Solar Balloons from Cool Earth Video Link

Solar Impulse Lands after 26 Hour Flight Video

Solar Impulse Video Link

Solar Living Institute Video Link

Solar Pathfinder Demonstration Video

Solar Suitcase Built by Kids Video Link

Solar Tree London Video Link

Solar Tree Video Link

Solar Umbrella House Video Link

Solar-powered plane lands safely after 26-hour flight

SolaRoof Greenhouse with Bubble Insulation Video

Spanner Films

Students Pit Wind Power against Solar Power Video Link

Sunseeker Duo Solar Airplane Video

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind on ABC News

The Edible Schoolyard Video Link

The Green Building Energy Program Video Link (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

The Green Building Reclaimed Wood Video Link (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

Theo Jansen Creates Wind-Powered Creatures Video Link

Tiny Houses on PBS with Dee Williams Video Link

Tour the El Dorado Thin-Film Solar Facility Video (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Vatican Goes Solar Video

Virginia Beach Convention Center LEED Gold Video Link

Wales Institute for Sustainable Education Video Link

Wales Institute Video Link

Water & Life Museums Video Link

White House Solar Panels

WHY Solar Yacht Video Link

William Kamkwamba on Building a Windmill Video Link

William Paterson University Solar Installation Video Link

Wind Energy Podcasts

Wind Generator How To Build Video Link

Wind Technology Center Installing Dynamic Duo Video

Woodland Park Zoo Solar Carousel Video Link

Woodland Park Zoo Solar Panels on Carousel Video Link

Working with the Sun (Africa)

Yike Bike Video Link

Zero Energy Residential Development (Lopez Island, Washington, USA)

Waste  ^

Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors

Composting Toilets for Sustainable Living

Dick & Jane's Spot

eLoo Solar Toilet (Texas, USA)

Envac Waste Systems (Sweden)

EnviroLoo Solar Toilet (Texas)

Humanure Handbook: Guide to Composting Human Manure

Modern Composting Toilets in Homes

Solar Composting Toilet at Dunton Family Farms

Sunny John Solar Moldering Toilet

The Harvester

Waste 360

Wastewater Compliance Systems (Utah, USA)

Water  ^

Autonomous Net Zero Water Dorm

BioRock Sewage Treatment Non-Electric

DIY Solar Water Heater Installation Guide (online)


Greywater Central

Greywater Cold Condition Suggestions

Greywater Common Errors and Prefrred Practices

Living Machines

Oasis Design (California, USA)

Rainwater Harvest Systems Overview

Rainwater Harvesting (UK)

Rainwater Recycling Systems in UK

Stormsaver Ltd (UK)

Webcam  ^

Yellowstone Old Faithful Webcam

Webcast  ^

Emerging Green Building Technologies Webcast 2011

Website Resource  ^




Architecture Websites Links

B Green Collaborative

BLM Solar Energy Program (USA)

Blue Planet Green Living (USA)

Build It Solar

Building Ecology

California Solar

Campus Green Builder

CanMet Energy (Canada)

Carbon Monitoring for Action

Carbon Neutral Design Project by AIA

Care 2


CO2 Now

Compare My Solar (UK)

da solar


Eco-Intel (USA)

EcoSeed (Global)

Eden Project Website

Educator Labs (USA)


Energetic Ambiente (Italy)

Energy Central

Energy Design Resources (California, USA)

Energy Design Tools fron UCLA

Energy Information Administration (USA)

Energy Kids Renewable Wind

Energy Planet

Energy Savers (USA)

Energy Savvy (USA)

EthnoArchitecture Database

Farm-Scale Composting Links

Global Gateway (Ireland)

Global Warming by Union of Concerned Scientists

Green Book Live

Green Building

Green Building Brain

Green Building Pages (USA)

Green Building Pro

Green Gamma

Green Linked (Netherlands)

Green Pages (Global)

Green Planet Solar Energy Web Resources

Green Power Science

Green Profs

Green Roofs Database (International Green Roof Association)

Green Student U

Green Tech Media

Greenhouse Tips

Greenopia Urban Dweller's Guide to Green Living (Global)

Harvard Green Building Resource

International Experts Directory

International Web Portal of Organic Architecture

Kabiza African Web Directory

LinksPro Link Exchange

Live Green or Die

NBS Sustainability (UK)

North American Wind Power

Open Energy Info

Open Energy Information Wiki

Passive Design from Level (New Zealand)

Passive House and Home (Ireland and UK)

Passive Solar Energy Info Website

Passive Solar Home Design

Photovoltaics International

Renewable Energy (Australia)

Renewable Energy Centre (UK)

Renewable Energy Industry

Renewables Potential Maps (USA)

Renewzle (California, USA)

Research into Organic Design

Sierra Club Green Home (USA)

Smart Grid (USA)

Sola Roof

Solar Application and Integration (Arizona)

Solar Buzz (Global)

Solar Energy for Homes

Solar Facts

Solar Facts and Advice

Solar Harvest

Solar Nation (USA)

Solar Pages (UK)

Solar Panel Info

Solar Plaza

Solar Power at Home

Solar Powered Lights for Home

Solar Powering America

Solar Yield (European Union)

SolarArchitekt (London, UK)

Solarserver (Germany)

Solcelle.dk Solar Web Resource

State Energy Conservation Office (Texas, USA)

Sundial Cupolas, Towers and Chimneys

Sustainable Business (USA)

Terra Org

The Future of Humanity

The Living Link Web Directory

The Solar Guide

The Solar Guide (Canada)

The Solar Village (Germany)

The Source for Renewable Energy

Thrifty and Green (USA)

Top Environmental Websites

Travelocity Green Travel Directory

USDOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Website

World Clock

World of Renewables

World of Renewables

Yellowstone National Park.com

Zero Energy Design

Wind  ^

Aerotecture Wind Turbines (USA)

Airtricity (Scotland)

Alpha Ventus Wind Farm (Germany)

American Wind Energy Association

Build Your Own Wind Turbine (Ireland)

Community Wind Toolbox (USA)

DIY Wind Turbine Project

ElectraWinds (Belgium)


Finnish Wind Power Association (Finland)

Horizon Wind Energy

Horns Reef Website (Denmark)

Jimmy Peak Ski Resort Powered by Wind One Hundred Percent


National Wind Coordinating Collaborative

National Wind Technology Center NREL (USA)

Ridgeline Energy

Roscoe Wind Council


Ullesthorpe Windmill

US Wind Research by NREL (USA)

Warwick Microwind Trial (UK)

Wind Plans

Wind Power in Texas

Wind Turbine Recipe Book

Wind Web Tutorials



World Wind Energy Association