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Solar Architecture and Green Building

Wind Resources

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Aerotecture Wind Turbines (USA)

Airtricity (Scotland)

Alternative Energy Institute (Texas, USA)

Architectural and Environmental Design Conference JULY 2018

Boots on the Roof Wind and Solar Blog

British Wind Energy Association (UK)

Build Your Own Wind Turbine (Ireland)

California Wind Energy Association

California Wind Energy Collaborative

Capita Symonds

Clean Techies Blog

Columbia Gorge Community College (Oregon, USA)

Community Wind Toolbox (USA)

Cost Less Energy (Yakima, Washington, USA)

Council House 2, Melbourne: Australia’s greenest office building Article

Delft University Clean Technology Institute (Netherlands)

DIY Wind Turbine Project

ElectraWinds (Belgium)

Energy Kids Renewable Wind


European Offshore Wind 2009 Update Video

European Wind Day

European Wind Energy Association

Finnish Wind Power Association (Finland)

Fortis Wind Energy (Global)

French Environment and Energy Management Agency (France)

Global Gateway (Ireland)

Global Wind Day

Green Energy Solution (Italy)

Integral Sustainable Design: Transformative Perspectives

Iowa Lakes Community College (Iowa, USA)

Jimmy Peak Ski Resort Powered by Wind One Hundred Percent

Kalamazoo Valley Community College (Michigan, USA)


Laramie County Community College (Wyoming, USA)


Living Shelter Design (Washington, USA)

Michigan Wind Prospecting Tool (USA)

NASA World Wind Tool

National Wind Coordinating Collaborative

National Wind Coordinating Collaborative (USA)

North American Wind Power

North Carolina Wind Energy (USA)

Northwest Renewable Energy Institute (USA)

NREL Wind Research (USA)

Online System for Greenbuildings

Online Wind Calculator (Maryland, USA)

Powering a Green Planet: Sustainable Energy, Made Interactive

Renewable Energy Research Laboratory (Massachusetts, USA)

Ridgeline Energy

Roscoe Wind Council

Sandia Labs Wind Energy Technology (USA)

Saul Griffith's Kites Tap Wind Energy Video Link

Scottish and Southern Energy

Siemens Energy (Germany)


SkyShade Daylighting & Shades (India, UAE, Saudi Arabia)

Small Wind Toolbox

SolarAero Research

Students Pit Wind Power against Solar Power Video Link

Sun & Wind Energy Magazine

Sustainable Natural Beauty Article from Design/Build

Synergy Viridis (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind on ABC News

The Jobs Project (West Virginia, USA)

The Solar Company (California, USA)

Theo Jansen Creates Wind-Powered Creatures Video Link

Twelve West AIA Case Study

U.S. Wind Energy Projects Map

US Wind Research by NREL (USA)

USA Wind Map in Real Time

Virtual Wind Tool (fee-based)

Washington Wind Resource Map (USA)

William Kamkwamba on Building a Windmill Video Link

Wind Daily Online News

Wind Direction Map (Global)

Wind Energy Blog

Wind Energy Finance Calculator (USA)

Wind Energy in California

Wind Energy Podcasts

Wind Estimator (USA)

Wind Plans

Wind Power in Texas

Wind Power Maps (USA)

Wind Power Monthly

Wind Power Prediction Tool (fee-based)

Wind Project Calculator (USA)

Wind Propespecting Tools (Fee-based)

Wind Resource Map (USA)

Wind Technology Center Installing Dynamic Duo Video

Wind Turbine Software

Wind Yield Estimation Tool (UK)

WindCast Forecasting Tool

Windmill Tours Palm Springs, California

Windtronics Wind Turbine



World of Renewables Forum

World Wind Energy Association

Your Green Dream Blog