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Green Architecture & Building Products

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For engineers, materials scientists, architects and inventors who need detailed information on the properties of materials, please visit MatWeb, a searchable database of material properties with more than 93,000 entries.

Material or Product

LECA Building Blocks


LECA - or lightweight expanded clay aggregate - is clay that has been pelletized and fired at a high temperature in a rotary kiln. The firing process forces the clay pellets to expand and become honeycombed, while the outside surface melts and is sintered.

The resulting ceramic pellets are strong, lightweight and porous. Because it is made of clay,

LECA is a natural product that does not contain harmful substances. LECA is a versatile material that is inert with a neutral pH value. It is resistant to frost and chemicals, will not break down in water, is non-biodegradable, non-combustible and has exhibits good sound and thermal insulation properties.

These lightweight concrete blocks made with LECA provide excellent sound and thermal insulation, as well as superior flue and chimney linings.


LECA Building Blocks Closeup

LECA - or lightweight expanded clay aggregate - building blocks consist of small ceramic grains baked in rotary kilns. Thousands of air-filled cavities provide insulation and strength properties. ©2011 LECA / Weber Saitn Grobain