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Green Architecture & Building Products

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Material or Product

Fire Ice from GelTech


FireIce® is a safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, 21st century solution to for firefighting for commercial, residential and wildlfire applications. Firefighting teams across the globe use this high-tech fire retardant gel to suppress and extinguish structure fires and wildfires.

Industrial and Commercial Use

GelTech Solutions offers three products to easily supplement a firefighting regimen with water-saving and fire-killing FireIce products. Professionals can carry pocket-sized FireIce bottles to turn a pressurized water can into a more effective firefighting gel. FireIce can also be purchased by the bucket, with each bucket capable of mixing with 250 gallons of water. By mixing the FireIce firefighting powder with water, the same water output will yield far more dousing power, even greater than conventional foams. GelTech has also developed an advanced “venturi system” eductor to be used with FireIce, quickly mixing FireIce into your tanks for rapid application.

Home Defense Unit

The FireIce Home Defense Unit can be used by homeowners to defend and protect their home and property during an emergency. These days, water should not be the only tool used to fight an oncoming fire. Having a working fire extinguisher helps to protect a home, but the addition of the FireIce system will provide an added safety net proven to work better than just water and other fire retardant foams. The Home Defense Unit supplies residential users with the ability to take action and to apply a state-of-the-art fire protectant directly to property. Home fire extinguishers can help put out a small fire, but when large fires threaten your home, the FireIce will protect, suppress and extinguish serious fire risks.


Fire Ice from GelTech

FireIce® provides a safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly solution to fire fighting as a fire retardant foam for commercial and residential applications. ©2012 GelTech