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Green Architecture & Building Products

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Suntegra Solar Roof Shingles & Tiles


Integrated Solar Technology (IST) is a solar product designer and manufacturer that has developed solar shingle and solar tile roof systems for people who want to go solar, but are concerned about the traditional "look" of solar panels.

The SunTegra™ Solar Roof Systems by IST install direct-to-roof with no racking, creating a low-profile, more aesthetically-pleasing solar solution. SunTegra™ Solar Roof Systems are dually-functional because they perform as a roofing material to protect your home and as a solar electric system to power your home.

In the past, integrated solar products have been based on unproven technology, inefficient, or cost prohibitive. IST has addressed these issues by utilizing proven high-efficiency monocrystalline solar technology that allows for dependable, premium performance on par with standard rack-mounted solar panels. The beautiful aesthetics, competitive price point, and simplified installation process make SunTegra™ a truly exciting advancement in building-integrated PV!

SunTegra™ Solar Roof Systems offer homeowners, builders and installers an innovative way to integrate solar directly into the sloped roof of a home, commercial building or carport.

Preferred Appearance – SunTegra™ Shingles integrate directly with composition roofs while SunTegra™ Tiles integrate directly with most concrete tiles, enabling them to blend in with the roof and provide a sleek appearance preferred by four out of five customers.

High Performance - Premium monocrystalline solar cells and unique TegraVent™ technology ensure best-inclass efficiency, energy performance, and reliability. Our exceptional wind, snow and fire ratings (Class A) ensure SunTegra™ Solar Roof Systems will perform in a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Reliable and Safe – SunTegra™ Solar Roof Systems are based on proven solar technology and have passed both solar and roofing certifications for fire safety and wind uplift. Our MC4-compatible locking connectors, integrated wiring design, and welded junction box connections ensure the highest degree of electrical safety.

IST offers a best-in-class 10-year product warranty and a 25-year power warranty.

Simplified Installation – The lightweight design avoids the need for structural engineering and building permits. The SunTegra™ panels actually weigh the same amount as standard asphalt shingles! The installation requires 50% fewer parts and installers can complete a SunTegra™ install in less than half the time of a rack-mounted solar system.


SunTegra Solar Roof Tile

SunTegra Solar Roof Tile ©2015 IST


  Suntegra Tile Solar Roof Datasheet (1,723 kb)

  SunTegra Solar Roof Systems Homeowner Brochure (4,373 kb)

  Suntegra Shingle Solar Roof Datasheet (1,785 kb)