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TegolaSolare Solar Roof Tiles


The secret of the Tegolasolare roofing tile is the photovoltaic panel hidden inside. It’s one of the best examples of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) thanks to its architectural integration. The system - patented by Area Franceram Group - can transform an ordinary roof into a power station and deliver large quantities of clean energy: a roof of just 45 metres square generates something like 3 kW. In addition to the energy source, the system also provides an extremely tough, durable roof. The tiles are made from a sophisticated spray-dried red porcelain mix to create genuine ceramic tiles. Ceramics are a man-made product, obtained by firing earth. Area Franceram has brought kiln-fired earth ceramics into the future by fitting each tile with an invisible photovoltaic panel that traps the sunlight to produce energy – wedding the earth and sun together.

Roofing Tiles:

Dimensions: 42 cm x 46 cm

Weight per m2: 43 kg approx.

There are about seven tiles in one square meter of completed roof

To produce 1KW/Pfv with this PV roofing system:

Number of tiles required: approx. 100/110

Surface area occupied: 15 square meters

Damaged panels and tiles can be replaced leaving the rest of the system untouched.

Standard generation capacity per roof section, south exposure with pitch of 20° and 30°, referred to 1

KW/Pfv, central Italy:

Energy produced/year (KWh): 1300

Annual earnings from energy buy-back : 624 € (as of November 2010)

Annual saving on electricity supply (exchange on site): 234 € (as of November 2010)


TegolaSolare Solar Roof Tiles

Solar photovoltaic roof tiles. ©2010 TegolaSolare