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Green Architecture & Building Products

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For engineers, materials scientists, architects and inventors who need detailed information on the properties of materials, please visit MatWeb, a searchable database of material properties with more than 93,000 entries.

Material or Product

Enviro Board


Enviro Board is a low-embodied-energy modular green building panel. It is made using a patented milling process capable of economically transforming waste agriculture residues such as rice straw, wheat straw and elephant grass into modular construction panels for use in residential and civilian infrastructure construction. Typically, these waste fibers are burned for disposal, releasing harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. This technology thus reduces pollution and preserves natural resources. Enviro Board's unique process creates a regional source of sustainable, energy efficient building material from any suitable source of ag fiber, while creating regional jobs and stimulating low-cost housing development. Homes and buildings built with Enviro Board’s construction system can withstand massive earthquakes and at a substantially lower cost and environmental impact than cement and wood construction systems. Enviro Board Corporation ("EBC") is a California based green technology company specializing in low-income and emergency relief housing.


Enviro Board

EnviroBoard is a modular building panel made from agricultural waste such as wheat straw, rice straw and elephant grass. ©2011 EnviroBoard