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Green Architecture & Building Products

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Material or Product

Icynene Insulation


Icynene Insulation System is a complete insulation, air and moisture barrier system that windproofs and seals wall, floor and ceiling cavities against air movement, including spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures, at baseboards and where walls meet windows and doors. This means that outside air (hot or cold) cannot seep through walls, causing drafts or cold spots. It also means that humid interior air cannot enter the walls and condense.

The material is polyicynene foam (made from polymethylene polyphenyl isocyanate and methylene bisphenyl isocyanate), a material developed from products of the petrochemical industry similar in composition to many that are already in home use today, such as upholstery padding, pillows and mattresses. The service is a custom installation on the building site by trained and licensed installers, providing a custom insulation fit into any size cavity.

y virtue of its' low permeability to air, its' adhesion to other building materials and its' flexibility, The Icynene® Insulation System becomes much more than just insulation. It provides good air leakage control, moisture control and sound control in addition to insulation, thus becoming a one step insulation, moisture/vapor barrier, wind barrier system. The Icynene Insulation System takes the place of building wrap, fiberglass, polyethylene vapor barrier, tape, foam and caulking, and eliminates the labor intensive work associated with air-tightness detailing when insulating with conventional insulation products.

Unlike "loose fill" insulation methods that do not wind proof building cavities, the air sealing characteristics of The Icynene Insulation System provide virtually the same R-Value in the field as it does in the laboratory where the R-Value is measured. Cold air in winter and hot muggy air in summer just cannot pass through polyicynene foam like it can through most other insulating materials.

Icynene does not contain any ozone destroying or global warming refrigerants such as CFC’s, HCFC’s,

or HFA’s.


Icynene Insulation

Icynene spray foam insulation creates continuously insulated, tight walls and ceilings – the leak-free building envelope that minimizes the potential for moisture, condensation and mold. Professional testing has concluded that Icynene is not a food source for mold. ©2011 Icynene