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Green Architecture & Building Products

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For engineers, materials scientists, architects and inventors who need detailed information on the properties of materials, please visit MatWeb, a searchable database of material properties with more than 93,000 entries.

Material or Product

Cell Pak Cellulose Insulation


Cell Pak uses 100 percent recycled newsprint to provide high quality, light density, blown-in cellulose insulation. Cell Pak cellulose insulation is blown into your attic and walls to form a protective, air tight blanket. Since cellulose is versatile and maneuverable, it seals around plumbing and electrical outlets to form an air tight fit. It also provides a 3.8 R-value per inch in sidewalls. The insulation contains boric acid as a fire retardant. The company is an Energy Star partner.


Cell Pak Cellulose Insulation

Cell Pak cellulose insulation by National Fiber is made from 100 percent recycled newspapers. ©2011 Cell Pak