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Green Architecture & Building Products

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For engineers, materials scientists, architects and inventors who need detailed information on the properties of materials, please visit MatWeb, a searchable database of material properties with more than 93,000 entries.

Coatings Materials

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Acro Pure Paint by Miller

Acro Pure Paint By Miller

Acro Pure has been formulated with a new generation ZERO VOC resin to make a wall finish that is easy to use, easy to clean, and safer for the ...more

Eurosafe Linoleum Adhesive

Eurosafe Linoleum Adhesive

Linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab is zero-VOC, solvent-free and non-flammable. It is for the installation of linoleum in sheets and tiles, ...more

Fire Gel from Barricade

Fire Gel From Barricade

Barricade ® II Fire Gel is the result of 10 years of research and testing to eliminate nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and petroleum distillate from ...more

Fire Ice from GelTech

Fire Ice From GelTech

FireIce® is a safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, 21st century solution to for firefighting for commercial, residential and wildlfire ...more

Green Planet Paints

Green Planet Paints

Green Planet Paints do not use petroleum, using plant-based binders and additives instead. They minimize additives and they do not over-formulate, ...more

Hydrotech Monolithic Roof Membrane

Hydrotech Monolithic Roof Membrane

Monolithic Membrane 6125 (MM6125®) is a thick, tough, flexible, self-healing membrane for use in waterproofing and roofing applications, especially ...more

Milk Paint

Milk Paint

As in the originally produced home-made milk paint, Milk Paint combines milk protein, lime, clay, and earth pigments such as ochre, umber, iron ...more

Yolo Colorhouse Paint

Yolo Colorhouse Paint

At YOLO Colorhouse we are proud of what’s NOT in its paint: no carcinogens, no mutagens, no hazardous air pollutants, no ozone depleting compounds, ...more